Is your hair real?

Yes! You can read about how I grew it and all the products I use here. It took a few years to grow it and a lot of discipline, avoid heat peeps!!! Now I just continue to get it trimmed and layers put in so it doesn’t look so gnarly.

How tall are you?

5’10” I have a long neck so I appear taller 😉

Did you get your degree in business or have any business training?

Nope! Just figured it out as I went along! I have a degree in psychology and masters in counseling. I sought out mentors and did a lot of reading online! I don’t take starting a business lightly and really believe in my situation God opened up a lot of doors making it as flawless as possible!

One piece of advice for starting a blog?

Be yourself, everyone else is taken 😉 Also be consistent!

What was the program you went to for an eating disorder?

I went to Mercy Ministries now called Mercy Multiplied. It was the best and most life changing experience! If you know a woman struggling with a severe life issue I would definitely encourage them to seek out the program.

How do you eat clean and what do you buy?

My full grocery list can be found here. Clean eating is now a way of life for me. I eat this way because I feel my best and can successfully live my busy life by constantly fueling myself with nutrients!

How often do you workout?

Now with being a fitness instructor I workout in my classes six times a week. Before instructing I would strive for 30 minutes a day 4-5 times a week. An example of the workouts I use to do can be found here.

More random facts can be found about me here!

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