Mom Life


Mia Turned Two!

Mia is officially two years old! Is it weird that she already seems more mature and independent? I am so excited for all the new stages but it is hard watching her babyness (word?) slip away. It’s hard to think we will never have these seasons again especially where they are so young. In a weird way, I think about it all the time. I REALLY REALLY want time to slow down and I am trying to do my best…

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Little’s Update

Hiiiiii everyone! From time to time I want to give you guys a little update on the kiddos and the stages they are at! I want this for myself more than anything, so I can go back and read it as they get older because time is flyin’ and I borderline can’t even deal! Let’s talk about the little lady Mia Danae, she is almost two!! Gahhhh she is so precious!! I feel like every day I am watching her…

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Adoption Questions & Myths

When I first started my research on adoption I was so overwhelmed. There was so much information but I felt like I couldn’t get the answers I needed. It was actually a super defeating feeling initially because just when I thought I would find an answer I would have a million more questions about that answer. I remember coming home one day after reading something about how you very rarely can adopt younger kids from foster care and I almost…

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