Mom Life


Thank you.

Tomas and I have been so humbled by everyone’s response since announcing our adoption. It’s crazy how much of a community we have and such a blessing to have all of you rallying behind us in this. We definitely don’t take that for granted and truly treasure what a blessing it is. Since announcing on Monday to you all I feel like I have been so emotional, like at any moment I could cry (and might have). These are happy tears…

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We’re Adopting!

Hi everyone!!! Super exciting news, we am so excited to FINALLY share we are adopting! I know you all have questions and we have answers, so we are going to try to do our best in explaining as much as possible and bringing you guys along this journey with us! So why don’t you already have kids? Glad you asked 😉 So we are extreme planners. We think through everything, are not very impulsive at all, and really think about…

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The Balance Culture Grant & Video

SOOO many amazing things happening with The Balance Culture. I find myself constantly pinching myself, is this real life?!?! For those of you would don’t know, we are currently taking on our next big mission at the studio, which is adding a whole Spin studio. When we expanded the studio we definitely had this in mind but there is so many moving parts we just started taking steps and researching to see how it would all come together. We applied for a…

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