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Spin Update!

Me and cardio have a love/hate relationship and have for years. As you guys know, I love fitness and have for years but have never gotten on the cardio train. I would do it because I felt like I HAD to and afterwards I was always glad I did it, but before and during I was miserable, counting down the minutes, anyone else? At that time the only cardio I had really been exposed to was running outside, the elliptical,…

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Hair Products & How I Grew My Hair

Ladddieessss! So the question I get more than any other is about hair products and how I grew my hair out super long! I haven’t updated you guys on my products in while (too long) so this post is well over due! For the sake of all of us, I want to keep this short! My hair care routine is pretty simple and at the end of the day if you try to wash your hair less and put less…

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Thank you.

Tomas and I have been so humbled by everyone’s response since announcing our adoption. It’s crazy how much of a community we have and such a blessing to have all of you rallying behind us in this. We definitely don’t take that for granted and truly treasure what a blessing it is. Since announcing on Monday to you all I feel like I have been so emotional, like at any moment I could cry (and might have). These are happy tears…

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