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Bulletproof Coffee

I posted how I make my bulletproof coffee on my Instagram story a few weeks ago and got so many questions about it so I thought it would be easiest to just write a full post about it 🙂 . Tomas and I have been drinking bulletproof coffee for almost a year and I am telling you guys it has been a game changer. We make ours a little different than most because we add protein powder to it. This is…

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The Studio Expansion

We had only been open nine months and I was confronted with the reality that we were we were out growing our studio space. I wrestled with this being the biggest blessing but also feeling like this whole thing was moving so fast and I felt a little out of control (of course exactly where God wanted me 😉 ). I came to the realization that if we didn’t move/find a bigger location that we were going to have to…

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Grief Months Later

I thought I would give a brief update on where I am at with all the grieving stuff after losing one of my best friend’s Danae several months ago. Honestly grieving her death has been one of the most complicated and unpredictable things for me. I hate that the hard moments come out of nowhere with no warning. There will be a few days where she will subtly cross my mind but all in the best ways with great little memories. Then out of…

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