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I Have Joined A Purple Shampoo Cult & I’m Not Upset About It

Purple Shampoo - The Balance Culture - Kirstin Czernek - Beaut

You guyssssss, if you have talked to me in the past three months you know that “purple shampoo” has somehow made its way into our conversation- ugh I’m not even mad. This is a little gem I came across a few months ago and I am OBSESSED! My hair girl Lindsay Lane over at Esquire has been telling me about it for years but I was never ready to make the commitment. I thought it was expensive and wouldn’t make that much…

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Makeupppppp 101

Maaakkkeeeuupppp!!! Holla holla! Everyone loves a good lil’ makeup blog!! I wore the same type of makeup in the same way for yearsssss and never thought twice about it… until about a year ago when I got super annoyed with my makeup and my look, and I decided to really switch it up. Just like that I was over my “look” and wanted something new ASAP! I watched a few tutorials, read some reviews, and headed to Ulta with the…

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Brow Journey And Tips

So, enough with this serious studio stuff. Let’s talk eyebrows! I get a lot of compliments about my eyebrows and honestly this is just a tribute to God’s work in my life because lemme tell ya, these brows have been through a lot with me and to say they have come a long way would be a serious understatement. 😉 I really had forgotten how bad they were (like I must have repressed it, or something) because the other day…

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