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Lotion, Face Products, and Body Wash, Oh My!

So last week I did my whole spiel about my view on the products we use and how they effect us as well as the balance that needs to take place even with how “clean” products are. More info on all that here. Lets pick up where I left off! Skinnnnn, ok so our skin is the largest organ and we do absorb what we put on it. It doesn’t just sit there on top chillen 😉 . With that…

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Clean pits, happy pits.

Ok, let’s talk products… clean, safe and edible? products. When I started my whole transformational journey of eating clean, the lotion I used was the last thing on my mind. I just was trying to get through the day without doing a line of Splenda (not really, but really). So trust me, if you are just starting your healthier journey, I get how overwhelming it can be, so I will try not to bombard you, but I do think it’s…

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Keep Calm & Whiten On!

SOOOO, let’s get real deep and talk white teeth mmmkkk?? Yes, there is a genetic contributing factor, therefore everyone in my fam has somewhat white teeth, but I have also learned some tricks for my chompers over time that I think could be helpful! So, let’s dive in! My thoughts on Crest White Strips: They have their time and place. You have to be careful with these suckers because they can be hard on your enamel and can make your…

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