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December 2018: December was a blur. The first couple weeks were a painful grieving blur that I wouldn’t want to relive again. There were a lot of moments of light and I was functional doing whatever the day called for but there was a cloud that covered me and it felt dark.  It started with the fetal echocardiogram appointment. We woke up and it was pouring, my mom came into town for it, to help us keep track of all…

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Aria’s Down syndrome Diagnosis Story Part 2

December 8, 2018 Tuesday sucked. I woke up and could feel the day was going to be filled with emotional hurtles that I wasn’t prepared for. It was overcast and the weather seemed to mimic exactly how I was feeling. I felt sad. I knew that I had a busy day ahead of me; instructing, meetings, and a lunch date with Tomas, so I decided to shift gears bury my emotions and push forward at least for the morning and…

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Aria’s Down Syndrome Diagnosis Story Part 1

I decided on the 2 year anniversary since getting Aria’s Down syndrome diagnosis to share some of the writing and documenting I did the weeks following while I processed her diagnosis. I didn’t now if I was ever going to share this or if I would ever come out the other side and be ok with it. Now two years later, completely obsessed with my girl, I wouldn’t change a thing and although our story isn’t easy, it is real…

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