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Kids Update

It’s been way too long since I have done one of these and selfishly I wanted to write it so I could go back and look one day to remember this fun stage! Now that Mia and Kai are older things are a million times easier! So, stay strong moms of young ones it does get better (hope plug)! They started interacting and playing together all the time about a few months ago and things took a turn, in the…

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Kai’s Adoption Day

I wanted to come on here and write about all the amazing things surrounding Kai’s adoption and part of me thought the longer I waited to write it, the more I would be ready to do that. I thought I would be able to skip over the hard parts, ok honestly the agonizing parts. The parts that kept me up more nights then I can count, sent my anxiety through the roof, made me more vulnerable than I have ever…

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The First Time I Had Both Kids by Myself

I want to provide some comic relief for some of you new mama’s out there as well as some nostalgia for some of you more seasoned moms, and hopefully not too much fear for you mama’s to-be 😉 . To learn about our adoption story and adopting two kids under a year and a half within a fews weeks of each other start here 😉 Here is a story of my first running solo effort with both kids back in…

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