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Hi Babes! I’m Kirstin Czernek, welcome to my little creative space where I share about all things health, mommy, and living a balanced life. I own a fitness studio called The Balance Culture and I recently became a mom to two babies through adoption (currently in process).

Here is the super short version of my story. In my teenage years, I struggled with an eating disorder –anorexia. It got so bad I had to go away to treatment. I went through a program called Mercy Multiplied and it completely transformed my life. I graduated the program with a relationship with God and now the tools to combat the disorder (I still struggled though, just not longer acted on those struggles).

I discovered I wanted to help women in a similar way so I went to school and got my bachelors in psychology and my masters in Counseling. Towards the end of my undergrad a friend told me about clean eating and using food to fuel your body. I started to eat this way and it completely removed any struggles with food and I started feeling really healthy for the first time in my life! Around the same time, I started working out again when I was training for a 5k (the first time working out since being at Mercy). When I worked out, my struggle with anxiety completely went away and I was actually able to come off anxiety medication. This fueled my passion for fitness because it wasn’t about my body, it was about my mind. After being a therapist for a year in a counseling practice, I realized that I not only wanted to help women with their emotional needs but fitness and nutrition as well. I went on to get certified in different types of fitness and then went to nutrition school through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Shortly after, The Balance Culture (2015) opened. The Balance Culture is a women’s fitness studio that offers a variety of fitness classes. We also offer workshops that address various topics that appeal to women and I have a holistic health coaching business where I meet with clients and help them discover the healthiest version of themselves. I am so blessed to get to do what I do every day!

Now hopping into my personal life! 😉 In 2007, I met my amazing husband Tomas in our freshman year of college. Right after our sophomore year we got married and we did the whole school and married thing. Tomas is my best friend and teammate and I love doing life with him! He owns a Primerica Financial business and kills it leading a huge team! He is for sure my partner in crime and fellow world changer! 😉

In 2016, we started to talk about kids and felt like we really wanted to start a family through adopting from Foster Care. In the beginning of 2017, we started the process and were matched with an 18-month little girl in May. After being told about her we were also told that her bio mom was pregnant and that we would be most likely getting a little baby boy too! Mia moved in with us in June and her baby brother was born a couple of weeks later! They are the greatest gift from God and I am so thankful He chose me to be their mommy!

So now we have two businesses and two babies under two and life is crazier than ever but more wonderful than we could ever imagine! I am so passionate/obsessed with fitness, nutrition, business and now babies! Thanks for following our crazy life, I’m so glad you’re here!

*I can’t post pictures of my kids’ faces legally at this time so that’s why they are cut out of the photos