Is your hair real? If so, how did you grow it so long?
Yes, it is! I did a whole blog post and how I take care of my hair here. Some quick tips are, not washing it every day, the least amount of heat on it as possible, a wet brush and 7 seconds leave in conditioner.

What nutrition program did you go through?
I did an online certification through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition located in NYC. It was a yearlong program that went through broad nutrition philosophies and about 1,000 different diets. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the program. If you have specific question, feel free to contact me!

Which classes at The Balance Culture do you instruct?
I teach Pilates and Barre. Feel free to check out my specific class times here.

How many times a week do you work out?
Right now, I only have to work out while I am instructing which is about 4 times a week. I have been doing that and walking with the kids. Ideally, I would be working out 5 times a week with a little more cardio but this is the season I am in 😉

If I have I am struggling with an eating disorder what can I do?
If there is a way I can help I would love to. I would suggest looking at the program I went through, Mercy Multiplied and see if that is a good fit for you. I don’t have personal experience with outpatient help because this didn’t work for me (everyone is different). If you are looking for an amazing therapist in the Lakeland area I recommend Katie Deloach, she’s the best of the best and I have sent a lot of people her way!

What was the adoption process like for you?
You can read about the specifics of our process and timeline here.

How did you adopt your kids?
We adopted from Foster Care through an agency, Heartland for kids.

What was it like starting a business without a business degree?
I answer all those business questions here.