How To Start A Business From A Non-Business Perspective, Sign-Ups Are Live, & A Giveaway

So we open in a week, a freaking week and I can’t believe it!! Pinch me, slap me, deck me in my face this is unreal (in a good way). To answer your question, I am excited, a little nervous, and still think it’s February, so that’s kinda where I’m at….

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I have been doing a lot of interviews lately about the studio and have gotten a very similar question every time, “did you always want to be an entrepreneur and start a business?” First of all, hell no. Second of all, never in my wildest dreams. I went into this process not knowing ANNNYYTHHINNGG, and by anything I mean I didn’t even know what a tax ID number was and partially still don’t #real. Truth is, I have learned a lot, faked a lot, and some how (by the grace of God) it is all coming together. I have figured a lot out along the way and thanks to Google and some YouTube videos, I am starting to get the hang of some things. I kid, I kid, but not really. To be honest, this has all been CRRAAAAZYYY, but in the best way. I have never worked harder in my whole entire life, but I also have never been so passionate about something and truly feel like I am alive. When you do what you are supposed to be doing, there is no feeling like it in the world, you are just- ALIVE.

I know many of you follow this blog because you have your own dreams you are pursuing, and enjoy seeing the process. Others of you have your dreams, but are not pursuing them, and you’re waiting on the sidelines watching as things unfold, and are basing whether or not to pursue your dreams on the fact that this may or may not take off. No judgment, I have been there, I just want you to know I know your watching 😉 . With ALL that being said I wanted to share some tips I have learned along the way to build everything to the point it is now. Again it can still tank, but we have had a pretty good pre-start that is worth sharing 😉 .

I would not for one second consider myself an entrepreneur. First of all, I still spell it wrong every single time I write it, so I feel like to be one you have to be able to spell it and I’m just not there yet #realagain. Second of all, I don’t know what I am doing. No plan, ever, still haven’t written a single thing down (some of you are cringing). This has worked for me because I am a control freak and honestly if I had written something down the plan would have changed close to a hundred time by now because so many unexpected great things have transpired that I could have never planned for! I have really given God the reigns on this whole thing so the whole planning everything out just would not have worked.

I may not know every little thing I am doing, but I have busted by a$$ and worked super hard. Early mornings, late nights, and craziness in between has been life now for the last several months. I have pushed myself like never before and worked harder then I ever thought I was capable of doing. Starting a business is so much hard work but so worth it. To do anything big you have to work hard with a fervency you never knew you had.

Focus. Focus is everything. If you can stay focused, you can start a business, or do anything really, distractions=death. I didn’t read or do too much research about starting a business but I saw a Facebook article cycling around about 6 months ago (around the time I started everything) and it talked about for an entrepreneur (spelled it wrong again) to be successful a lot is based on their ability to remain focused. This has stuck with me so much through the process it’s unreal. I have had to exercise the word “no” a good amount turning down opportunities that aren’t in line with the vision, even if they were great opportunities. I have also had to bring people in to help and fill in a lot of my weaknesses, because I can’t do it all. I pour my energy into the areas that fit my skill set because if not, I will be drained and won’t be able to do anything. Burn out is real and below is a way to avoid it.

I can’t do it all. This is a HUGE lesson that kills pride and ego but is necessary, owning up to your areas of weakness will save you from burning out and help you to be the most successful you can be while enjoying the process along the way. My team is amazing. The Balance Culture would not be what it is without them. We have made huge strides in just a few months because of them. We have a Chief Operating Officer, 11 instructors, 5 interns, a Chaplin and 5 more instructors that are finishing their fitness certifications in November, and my assistant. Since there has not been classes to instruct many of the girls have come along side me in many different ways and offered their talents and skills to help. Interns who technically don’t start until the end of the month have been working hard in all their designated areas as well. This is why Balance Culture is what it is. They have all worked super hard and we are opening in a week because of them. Feel free to check out these hot ladies under the studio tab “Our Team”.


Speaking of, feel free to check out the new studio tab and drop down menu with all our info about the studio. And guess what?!?! You can now purchase memberships and classes from our website! Click the “schedule” tab under “studio” and scroll to the bottom to “schedule now” click the button and it will transfer you to our scheduler page. Make a profile!

To purchase a class or membership click “online store”. For a class click “services” and on the drop down menu select “class”. *Make sure you reserve a spot for a class to guarantee a spot!

For memberships select “contracts” and select in the drop down menu which is appropriate for you! That’s it! In a week we will have our app live so it will be easier but this is what we have for now :).

Our Grand Opening Party is this Friday, September 25th from 6:00-9:00pm! This is just going to be a big, fun party so bring everyone you know! We will have food, refreshments, music, and a good time! You can sign up for classes and memberships as well! So bring your husbands, kids, neighbors, random person off the street, doesn’t matter, the more the merrier!

The launch of the studio is Monday, September 28th!!! All classes are FREE that day! So check out what the schedule looks like for Monday and join as many classes as you want!

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Ok I have really talked a lot but last thing! Who likes a give-away? I know I do!!! Share this post on Facebook or Instagram (or both) and be entered into a drawing to win a free class! Tag @thebalanceculture or the Facebook page  and you will be entered! I will announce the winner on Friday!

All BIG things are ahead folks! Thanks so much for being a part of this journey with me! You guys are amazing!!!



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