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Spin Update!

Me and cardio have a love/hate relationship and have for years. As you guys know, I love fitness and have for years but have never gotten on the cardio train. I would do it because I felt like I HAD to and afterwards I was always glad I did it, but before and during I was miserable, counting down the minutes, anyone else? At that time the only cardio I had really been exposed to was running outside, the elliptical,…

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The Balance Culture Grant & Video

SOOO many amazing things happening with The Balance Culture. I find myself constantly pinching myself, is this real life?!?! For those of you would don’t know, we are currently taking on our next big mission at the studio, which is adding a whole Spin studio. When we expanded the studio we definitely had this in mind but there is so many moving parts we just started taking steps and researching to see how it would all come together. We applied for a…

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The Studio Expansion

We had only been open nine months and I was confronted with the reality that we were we were out growing our studio space. I wrestled with this being the biggest blessing but also feeling like this whole thing was moving so fast and I felt a little out of control (of course exactly where God wanted me 😉 ). I came to the realization that if we didn’t move/find a bigger location that we were going to have to…

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