The Balance Culture Grant & Video

SOOO many amazing things happening with The Balance Culture. I find myself constantly pinching myself, is this real life?!?! For those of you would don’t know, we are currently taking on our next big mission at the studio, which is adding a whole Spin studio. When we expanded the studio we definitely had this in mind but there is so many moving parts we just started taking steps and researching to see how it would all come together.

We applied for a grant for the Spin bikes with Catapult and just last week we pitched for them and got it! It was such a cool experience and we are so thankful for the support entrepreneurs have in Lakeland, that this is even a possibility. Since then we have been in full Spin mode and plan to get the classes up and running by this summer! More deets to come!

Something else I wanted to share with you guys was a video that Myles Shank made for us to use for promos. I am OBSESSED with it you guys! It was so cool for me to see all aspects of The Balance Culture in one 3 minute video and hear a story of a life being impacted. I was so humbled as I watched, I can’t believe God chose me to be apart of this, I am also thankful for the team that has come behind this movement and makes everything possible. We are 35 team of women with a huge mission!

Take a look at the video, we are just getting started! Let’s fly!

P.S. Shout out to Myles! He seriously killed it! If you are needing some video definitely hit him up, he is so talented it is ridiculous! Link>>>>>

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