Being a Woman in Business (without a business background)

The question I have gotten over the last two years more than any other question has been about starting a business without business background, what it is like to be an entrepreneur in a heavily male dominated industry, and how I pushed past all the fears and insecurities. I have attempted to write this post literally a hundred different times, but get too overwhelmed with everything I want to share, so I close my computer and move forward.

My business consultants, We Are Curio are freaking amazing and they continue to touch base with me in between meetings and send me ideas and ways to expand my business constantly. Hillary sent to me this podcast by Christy Wright about women in business so I listened right away.

>>>>>>>>>>> Link <<<<<<<<<<<<

*It says it is 37 minutes it really isn’t, its more like 20 (the last 10 minutes are a question an answer set with a alumni or something).

Kid you not, I agree with every single little thing this woman is saying. It’s like she took the words right out of my heart and mind. I thought it would be way easier to just share the link then just come up with my own rendition of saying essentially the same thing. One of my favorite things she said was, “There is no level of success where you outgrow fear”. Man, there was so much freedom when I heard that. I struggle with the fact that I still have fears and wonder if they will ever go away, hearing that its just part of the process and that others feel the same was everything to me!

If you are a woman in business or are thinking about starting a business I highly recommend hearing what she has to say.

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