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You guyyyysssss happy 2017!!!! There are soooo many things I feel like I need to catch you guys up on and I promise I will in the very near future! It’s the beginning of the year so everyone’s dreams and ambitions for the year are high (as they should be). So many of my followers are people in business or are wanting to start a business so I wanted to share something that has been really helpful to me from the beginning- my business…

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To The Girl Who Is Really Nervous To Come To A Fitness Class

Hey girl, I get it. Fitness classes can be SUPER intimidating. A bunch of girls with six packs, super fit, and beautiful all jumping around in class together working to chisel` those abs just a little more. This is what we think and how we feel so we don’t go because we don’t want to be the only “normal” girl there. Believe it or not there was a time that I was going to my first fitness class too and I…

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Being a Woman in Business (without a business background)

The question I have gotten over the last two years more than any other question has been about starting a business without business background, what it is like to be an entrepreneur in a heavily male dominated industry, and how I pushed past all the fears and insecurities. I have attempted to write this post literally a hundred different times, but get too overwhelmed with everything I want to share, so I close my computer and move forward. My business…

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