To The Girl Who Is Really Nervous To Come To A Fitness Class

Hey girl, I get it. Fitness classes can be SUPER intimidating. A bunch of girls with six packs, super fit, and beautiful all jumping around in class together working to chisel` those abs just a little more. This is what we think and how we feel so we don’t go because we don’t want to be the only “normal” girl there. Believe it or not there was a time that I was going to my first fitness class too and I felt the same exact way.

I can’t speak for every gym and studio but I can speak for The Balance Culture. This fear of working out with other woman, being compared, and feeling like you are not good enough, is something I have been hearing a lot of lately. To the woman who is feeling this way, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to address this.

After being at The Balance Culture for over a year and seeing how much this has not been the case I kind of forgot that people who haven’t been to the studio don’t know this and can feel this way, like honestly it completely slipped my mind until meeting with woman after woman and hearing them say “I want to come but I am scared” I felt like I couldn’t not say anything for any longer.

I might not feel like this anymore and might have close to 1,000 fitness classes under my belt but I definitely feel this way in other situations. I can remember holding myself back time and time again because, “I wasn’t smart enough, or I didn’t have enough experience, I didn’t look like I fit the part, and I wasn’t qualified enough”. It was crippling, it left me with hundreds of missed out experiences and I was miserable. I genuinely believed that everyone else had this life thing figured out aside from me.

About two years ago I decided to take charge of this and started a season of “YES!”. This meant that any opportunity that came my way I was going to say “yes” to and not put any more thought to it. It was terrifying, I was nervous, but I couldn’t be the one to hold myself back anymore, I was over it. When I started this two years ago is when my world completely changed. Kid you not two weeks later Southeastern University reached out to me about staring in a commercial about myself (you can read more about that here), I started the blog (which my sister made me do) and remember I couldn’t say no, and then I was basically given the space for the studio, again I couldn’t say no. It was so painful to push through despite all my inadequacies but I couldn’t go against my “yes promise”.

Saying yes to everything for one season and not letting myself be a victim to fear set the stage for the rest of my life.

Once I started saying yes, things got so much easier, I noticed everyone felt like I did and that barely anyone walks into anything new confidently. It became like a muscle I was working and the more experiences I had, the easier it was, to the point where it is just apart of my life now. Please hear me though, there are many many situations that I still go into terrified but I wont EVER let fear be the reason I don’t do it.

In college when I was drowning in my thesis and exams I would constantly ask myself “who is on the other side of your obedience?”. By not doing that one thing that God has called you to do who are you not helping?? This was a huge motivator for me and continues to be years later.

So this post does not only pertain to fear of fitness classes but fears of opportunities and stepping out in the things God has called you to. I started that season of “yes” two years ago and I am going two years strong. I have never once regretted it and continue to push myself in so many areas despite feels super uncomfortable every step of the way.




To prove that you are not the only person with those fears, here are some testimonies of amazing women who did not exactly feel super comfortable coming to the studio for the first time and how they got past it.

Brooke S.:


Hi! My name is Brooke and my life has been forever changed by The Balance Culture. I can honestly say that I have often been hesitant about trying a fitness class or going to a gym. I have always been embarrassed because I feel so inadequate next to people who may be more fit than me. Well, God has been working in my heart lately and reminding me of how He sees me. So with that beautiful reminder and with some encouraging words from dear friends & family, I decided to try out The Balance Culture. I fell in love with this place on day one and now I am a member! I left that first Barre class a few months ago feeling encouraged and inspired. I am forever thankful for this space filled with women who empower each other while getting healthier and stronger day by day. I truly feel like I belong because I do and so do YOU! I encourage you to step out and try something new. I hope to see you in class one day!

Sara W.:
I had wanted to try Barre for years but couldn’t find any classes offered locally. So when I read about The Balance Culture coming to Lakeland and saw Barre classes would be offered, I was so excited! But I was nervous in my first class… I remember thinking, “I’m too old for this place; look at all these young girls!” and “I’m too overweight, what am I doing here?”. But I made a choice, to shove those negative thoughts aside and give the class a try anyway. And I was HOOKED… I remember feeling strong and energized, and still feel that way after every class! From day one I’ve felt welcomed and encouraged in all of the classes I’ve taken, and I love being part of this community of fun, strong, healthy women!

Tara J.:


When first hearing of The Balance Culture it sounded like such a unique and exciting place, yet I was nervous to come for multiple reasons. I think fear of not making it through the class and the intimidating, younger generation made me a little hesitant to go. I went to my first class, barrelates, with a friend, and my perspective has been different ever since! One of my favorite aspects of Balance Culture would have to be the welcoming community. Everyone is so inviting, and the furthest thing from judgmental; this creates such a positive atmosphere. Now when I go to class, I know even if I won’t be able to do the entire workout at the hardest degree, modifications will be shown and alternatives will be given; making it so adaptable to any age and any fitness level. For me, I would say the scariest thing would have been getting the “first time” over with, because now I am more comfortable and am inclined to go because of the supportive and encouraging Balance Culture community.

Allie C.:


I was always intimidated by group fitness and even more intimidated when I thought about a place full of only women and group fitness. After finally getting myself to walk in the doors at The Balance Culture, all my insecurities went away. No one knew me, but everyone was welcoming and so helpful in guiding me on what I needed for the class and where to go. The first class I went to was Pilates and I absolutely loved it. I love the fact that you can take these classes and make them challenging to fit your needs. I have never felt so confident in myself and so encouraged by women than when I do at BC! I love this place.

These women are so inspiring and I am forever thankful that they stepped out of their comfort zone and came to The Balance Culture so I could get to know them and build a relationship with them!



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  • Venessa
    November 18, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Any chance you would start a “newbie” class??

    • mm
      Kirstin Czernek
      November 19, 2016 at 12:09 am

      Vanessa, yes! We currently offer beginner barre on Monday’s and Wednesday’s! Come visit us 🙂