One Month.

Ohhh myyyy gaaahhhh you guys, it has already been over a month since the grand opening and  a little over a month since the first day the studio was open! How is this even possible!?!? Time flies when you are having fitness fun!! (can I coin that? 😉 ). In some ways I don’t remember life before, and in others it feels like we just opened. For those of you watching the journey and wondering how everything is doing, I have updates!

First update, God is faithful. Like so faithful. Let’s all take a second and raise the roof to the Lord! (praising emoji hands), obvi it goes without saying that God has guided and directed this whole thing. There have been too many “that is so random” and “I don’t know, it just happened” moments to deny that God has been involved 100%. Like I can’t even deal. I feel so blessed and humbled by all of this. At some point I will have to tell you guys the whooolllleeee story (maybe in a book? 😉 ) but for now, just trust me in saying that it has been unreal… God has opened a million and thirty-seven doors and has made what would seem as a very difficult process somewhat seamless.


Second update, SOOOO we are still open! WoooohoooI kid, but you really never know! 😉 It could have gone a million different directions, and thankfully my expectations have been blown out of the water!  I did a little research before opening about what to expect numbers wise, but the response has been so huge we surpassed that before we even opened. Things have been going SOO great and classes have been getting so packed that we have already added six more classes a week to be able to accommodate people better! Like is this real? 

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.47.38 PM

Third update, things are moving fast and we don’t want to lose momentum, so in order to keep up we are bringing our Chief Operating Officer Ruthie Tait on full-time starting November 1st! This is so freakin’ amazing! I cannot believe I get to wake up and work with my best friend everyday! Um, the dream! Ruthie has been a huge part of The Balance Culture from the beginning. She is a big reason to the success for sure! She is SUPER detailed oriented and really has all the strengths that are my weaknesses. We are a great team and I am so honored to be her around ALL. THE. TIME! 


Fourth update, I know you guys are wondering if I like what I am doing and if it is really everything I thought it was going to be. The answer is yes, yes, a million times yes. I am literally OBSESSED! I want to be there all the time! I love meeting and chatting with the girls! I love instructing classes and working them to death (the huffs and puffs make me smile ;) ), I love the team and the people I get to work along side of every day. It seriously feels like a dream. Sometimes I cry to Tomas and tell him how much I can’t believe it and how blessed I feel. I do not take it lightly for sure. Every day I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity and we are just getting started!


Fifth update, we are just getting started. About week two, I started to feel restless, like we need to do more! I was excited about the ways things were but I just knew it wasn’t enough. God started stirring something in me for sure. Since then, I started making some changes within The Balance Culture and prepping for the future. One thing I have decided is I refuse to get stagnant. I want to constantly be growing, evolving, and staying open to what God has in store next. I think this is how God works, so I want to be on that train. Who is with me? 


So who is with me? I know several of you follow me because you want to pursue your own dreams and wanted to see what happened with mine. Well, I am here to say it is going freaking amazing and I could not picture my life any better! I am really living a dream! So please start pursuing yours!!!! I am not gunna lie, it is a TON of work! Like I worked ridiculous amount of hours on top of work, on top of work. I haven’t had a “weekend” in a really long time. I haven’t had one day where I haven’t worked. I heard recently that is in not sacrifices, it is an investment and I wholeheartedly agree. Now it doesn’t feel like work for a second! Like I have to make myself stop/ leave the studio. So it’s totally worth it! So if you are having doubt please just go for it, go 100% and don’t look back! Let’s fly!



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