Spin Update!

Me and cardio have a love/hate relationship and have for years. As you guys know, I love fitness and have for years but have never gotten on the cardio train. I would do it because I felt like I HAD to and afterwards I was always glad I did it, but before and during I was miserable, counting down the minutes, anyone else? At that time the only cardio I had really been exposed to was running outside, the elliptical, and treadmill (snooze fest, I would get so bored).

When The Balance Culture studio opened I started doing Kickboxing and loved it (still do!), but I think it is best to mix it up because I can get bored with workouts so I like variety for my mind and body.

When we decided to bring Spin to the studio I lost my mind! It felt like it was the missing link I didn’t even know we needed! There were several steps that needed to happen but we were determined so we expanded the studio space and applied for a grant to get the bikes. We ordered them, got certified and have been training the last couple of months! You guys, I am OBSESSED!! It is seriously my favorite form of exercise right now!

I think the reason I love kickboxing and Spin is they help me to stay focused and my mind doesn’t wander onto other things that I need to do or figure out. I don’t get bored and I’m fully engaged the whole time which can be hard for me #ADD. They go by super fast and, are high intensity and I love that they use music that gets me hyped up!

I also love it from an instructor standpoint because its high energy, fun, and people of any fitness level can do it because you choose the resistance for your own bike so your ride is very personal. This way I can have super advanced level person alongside beginners and everyone gets a great workout! Instructor win!

Here are some deets about our BC Spin program!

  • We launch Thursday June 1st!
  • We have a BC Spin grand opening party Saturday June 3rd– side note, I heard a rumor that the classes were free all day that day 😉 and Concord and Juice Box might be out there! Ok all that is facts 😉
  • We will be offering Spin Memberships, Spin Membership add on’s (if you already have a BC membership) or you can pay per class or for a week pass.
  • More deets on this and the schedule will be announced soon, so be on the lookout!

P.S. Our Spin instructors are killing it and our classes are going to be beyond fun! I CANNOT wait!!!!!

If you have more questions definitely reach out, but I promise to send more info your way as we release it! Love you all and I am so excited for the next phase of The Balance Culture!

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