Balance Culture Kids Care

Kids care is something I have gone back and forth on since day one of opening The Balance Culture. Everyone said that once I had/got (in my case) kids I would instantly see the need and make it happen. They were right. But it wasn’t necessarily for me or my need of it. I now understood the life of a mom, both the amazing parts and the really hard ones.

When I became a new mom The Balance Culture was my oasis. I could go there, unplug, be with my community, get a good workout in, arrange my thoughts, and go home a better version of myself for my kids. It changed everything for me and became a lifeline to sanity. When my kids got sick or other commitments came up and I wouldn’t be able to go for a week, I could seriously tell a difference in myself.

I have shared with you guys in the past that I used to struggle with pretty bad anxiety and was able to use exercise to really manage it and get it under control, which made me super passionate about exercise which led to opening the studio. When everything was going on with Kai and his adoption my anxiety started to creep back in and really affect me again. I was having a hard time managing it and keeping it under control. Out of nowhere, I would have moments where I could barely breathe almost like a panic attack and it really started to scare me. I decided to up the amount of times I worked out a week from three to about four or five and it made all the difference in the world and the panic attacks went away. After a week, I felt like myself again. It wasn’t a cure-all by any means but it helped so much.

I now see my self-care and making myself a priority more important than ever. I still experience mom-guilt when I leave from time to time and I’m not sure if that ever really goes away but I know I need to push through and do this for myself and my family. When I saw how much I needed The Balance Culture in this new phase of life, I couldn’t deny other moms of it any longer. I also received several texts from some of my mom friends sharing their personal struggles and needing a place like BC but couldn’t attend because of the limitation of not offering childcare. It felt selfish and inconsiderate to not offer them the outlet, so making classes possible for moms became my mission.

We have had childcare opened for about a month at the studio and it has been amazing! To hear from the moms about how this has helped them and the transformation they have experienced mentally, emotionally, and physically has brought me to tears several times. I feel so humbled by the opportunities that God has given and I am so thankful that He opened this door at The Balance Culture!

We offer childcare Monday through Wednesday during our 9am classes, feel free to check it out on the schedule here!

We are so excited to have some of you new Mamas! Please reach out if you have any questions!


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