BC Girls Smoothie Event

Like I have mentioned, BC Girls is beyond a dream to begin with and now that the events have started and one of our workshops (link) is in less than a month, it is so surreal! This past Saturday, we had the girls to the studio and we shared with them some nutrition tips as well as how to add some fruits and veggies to their everyday lives through smoothies!

We made four different smoothies with them and then we all sampled them together! The goal was to show them that eating healthy can be easy and simple (I feel like we could all use a little reminder on that 😉 )! The girls were so interactive and it really was so much fun start to finish.

One of my favorite things has been to see the girls get passionate about nutrition, fitness, and taking care of themselves! One of the moms told me that after the event a few of the girls went to Publix together and bought all of the smoothie supplies on the recipe card we handed out and made the smoothies at home together. It seriously made my day to hear that. To think that The Balance Culture is already making an impression and the program has just launched!

So thankful for our BC Girls team, their dedication, and hard work to change the lives of middle and high school girls! This program is everything because of them!

Here is the recipe cards we handed out to the girls! Feel free to make them and let us know what you think!

Here is a video and some pictures from the event! Enjoy 🙂



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