BC Girls Launch

There is nothing like watching right before your eyes your dreams come into fruition. I feel like I live in a constant state of awe as I watch God unfold my dreams right before my eyes. This has not come without a lot of hard work and sacrifice (I hate that word, I see it more as an investment, but you get what I am saying) but every bit of it is more than worth it when teenage girl after teenage girl steps foot through the doors of The Balance Culture.

When opening The Balance Culture a little over six months ago, I never dreamed that we would be here already. Anyone would say we are crazy for launching a huge program so close to when we opened but the idea of waiting on something that is this important was just not an option.

Someone once told me to create from which I wish I had. This has really stuck with me over the years and has helped in a lot of decision making, to the point where when launching a program specific to middle and high school girls was an idea, it was a no brainer.

Most of you know my teenage years weren’t the easiest. You can read more about that here. I struggled with an eating disorder most of those years and I would have died for a program like BC Girls. A place where I could go get a great workout in, learn about positive body image and self-esteem, goal setting, nutrition, a like-minded positive community, done and done. There was such a big need back then and there is an even bigger need now.

There is so much hope on this side of offering programs specific to these girls. Prevention and education are huge at this time in a teenage girls life and can make all the difference. Stepping in and offering a space for that is our goal!

We launched the program this past Saturday offering a free barre class to the girls and a brief overview of the program. Meeting the girls and watching them do the workout was literally a dream. It was such an amazing group and already I am feeling so inspired and ready to get this thing going even more!

The program is launching at the perfect time that allows us to spend more time with the girls over the summer. We have another free event on May 21st at 12:00. We will be sharing with the girls about nutrition and adding healthy fruits and vegetables to lives by making yummy smoothies!

In June, we launch the workshops. The first one is June 20-24 from 10am-2pm. We will have two workouts for the girls each day, and each day will have a topic that we focus on. Our topics are self-esteem and positive body image, relationships, goal setting and stress management, nutrition, and fitness!  We will educate on the topics and then have a lot of group discussion. Impact and influence is a goal through the events and to build a healthy community for them. The next workshop after that is August 1-4, same topics different content, so if someone wanted to they could attend both!

The goal is to offer fitness classes specific to BC Girls in the Fall! A place where they can go after school to build relationships and community while also getting a great workout! 🙂

I know you guys have had a lot of questions and I want to answer all of them! More details and where to sign up for workshops are on our website! We are continuing to add more information daily as we figure out more details, so more is coming soon!

BC Girls info >>>>>>> here 

I feel like the community has really come behind BC Girls and sees the potential it has to really impact these girls. We are so thankful for the continuous support! Our team has been working really hard to make this program the best it can be and I am so thankful for all of their hard work! These girls really believe in the mission and don’t take the work that needs to get done lightly!

I am so thankful for all of you and would not be here without all of the love and support! Thank you all for everything, let’s do this thang!

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