Hair Products & How I Grew My Hair

Ladddieessss! So the question I get more than any other is about hair products and how I grew my hair out super long! I haven’t updated you guys on my products in while (too long) so this post is well over due!

For the sake of all of us, I want to keep this short! My hair care routine is pretty simple and at the end of the day if you try to wash your hair less and put less heat on it, I really think those two things take your hair to the next level preventing damage and help it to growing. I wash my hair about every five days (thanks to dry shampoo #BBFL), and use heat (a wand or straightener) like twice a week. I don’t use a blow dryer because I wash my hair before I go to bed and wake up to it dry and style with a straighter or wand then next morning. My wand tutorial is here.

———– here are my top tools and products ———

Wet Brush– I try not to brush my hair a bunch to prevent breakage. I brush it in the shower when I condition and after the shower and probably not until I wash it again. This is the best brush because it doesn’t break my hair and doesn’t torture me when I’m brushing because my hair can get knotty (probably from a century of not brushing it).

Unite 7 Seconds– After I towel dry my hair I spray this leave-in conditioner. This is what I think makes the biggest difference so if you can only purchase one product it should be this! It’s like “It’s a 10” on steroids. It protects my hair from damage, is a detangler, and repairs. GAME CHANGER- buy it! I buy it from my stylist Jenna at Liquid Hair here in Lakeland but if you aren’t in the area it can be difficult to find Unite products, so it is also on Amazon* but if it were me I would buy it from a salon.

Wella Luxe Oi– I use this to seal my ends and protect them, this is SOOO important, especially if you are trying to grow out your hair! I buy it from Ulta but again if you don’t have access it is on Amazon*. Oils=Life

I want to keep the brief but I will do follow-up posts on my shower hair products and styling products in the very near future!

Final words- Keeping your hair healthy through less heat, less dying/bleach, and using the products listed above is really what helped me grow my hair so long, it’s so simple it’s borderline annoying.  Obviously, I bleach my hair but I wait pretty long in between, I get it done about every 3 months. I don’t mind a little rootage especially if it means protecting my hair because bleach can be SOO harsh, I also usually ask for a hair condition treatment for while she washes my hair to help immediately after the bleach is applied. I usually get an inch or two cut off each time I get my color done. Having long hair that looks dead isn’t cute so definitely continue to get it cut even if its just a “dust” (hair stylist takes bare minimum off to keep ends healthy) while you grow it.

I don’t take any supplements to grow my hair and I have no idea if they work or not, I do think diet and eating healthy is important so eat your fruits and veggies if you want long hair 😉 .

Jenna at Liquid is seriously the best hair stylist in the world! I call her the Blonde Guru but she is really good with any hair it’s just hard to find someone good with blondes and she is literally the master.

*sometimes I don’t trust buying hair products on Amazon so I always try to get them from my salon or Ulta.

Let me know if you have anymore questions, let me know, and I’ll answer them in my follow-up hair post!


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  • Kashlee
    May 3, 2017 at 10:50 am

    Great post!
    What about your nighttime routine?
    Do you braid for bed?
    Something different?

    • mm
      Kirstin Czernek
      May 3, 2017 at 12:40 pm

      Thanks Kashlee! To sleep I do a bun and use and alligator clip to secure it and it does leave a dent in my hair 🙂