Clean pits, happy pits.

Ok, let’s talk products… clean, safe and edible? products. When I started my whole transformational journey of eating clean, the lotion I used was the last thing on my mind. I just was trying to get through the day without doing a line of Splenda (not really, but really). So trust me, if you are just starting your healthier journey, I get how overwhelming it can be, so I will try not to bombard you, but I do think it’s important to be informed, plus many of you have asked, so I wanna answer 😉 .

I want to start off by saying this… it can be annoying how crazy we can get jumping on certain trains especially in the “health” community. We can get real weird, real fast and that’s just not cute. I saw this on Instagram and thought of, well… me. “It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free & fat free. They call it ‘water’ and you can buy it at Whole Foods apparently”. I think over the years I have become more sensitive to the fact that everyone is in a different place in THEIR healthy journey, but to say I haven’t been one of “those” girls would be a lie #guiltyannoyinghealthgirlthatpeoplewantedtoslap.

I have tried to rein it in big time, but she slips out here and there and rears her annoying spaghetti squash shaped head. So, with ALLLLLL that being said, I want to say this…. there will be safer, cleaner and healthier products of everything I list now and in the future. Some of these can be made at home with your oils, coconut oil, rose hip oil, or a magical potion from the West Indies found in the sap of a rare tree in a deep forest under a cave. I hope you guys know by now that I err on the side of practical, so most things I buy on my blessed amazon prime account, so they show up on my door step, are fairly inexpensive (in terms of clean products cost) and actually work because using a clean, environmentally friendly, antiperspirant-free deodorant that leaves you smelling like an a** is not how I roll mmmkkkk. So, even in the products you use, balance is key! Just swapping out a few products can make a world of difference but do what works best for YOU!!!


All right dolls, let’s dive in!

I don’t know why, but I just see deodorant as the most important to switch out because of the harmful effects especially for us ladies. Ok, so sweating is normal and should take place. I get it can be gross, but its necessary and our bodies are doing it for a reason. We release toxins this way and when we wear antiperspirant (most deodorants have this) it prevents sweating by shrinking your sweat ducts and those toxins stay in us, plus we are adding a ton of toxins that are in the deodorant we use. Dove I love your campaign, but your “ish” filled deodorants have got. to. go. An even worse combo is these deodorants and a tight supportive bra that holds the girls up. Unless of course you are like some of my cute hippy friends who are fortunate enough to rock the bra-less-bandaid-look, (me not so much. I am little bit more top heavy and wear a bra to keep everything lifted and pretty 😉 thanks to Victoria S!)

So, this is what happens when we wear tight bras and sweat with deodorant on, toxins that should be released get trapped in the boob area, which is a major lymphatic area. These toxins accumulate causing internal trash bags (cysts, tumors) – ummm gross! These trash bags develop in attempt to hold the toxins and save or protect our bods, but instead they cause the sadly too popular breast cancer. So, lets do our bods a favor and sweat it out old school. We got one life and one set of pits peeps, let’s do them right! 😉

I have LITERALLY tried 20 different kinds of deodorants because it is SOOO hard to find one that works! Maybe I am a smellier person, I don’t know…  I have bought them from health food stores, farmers markets, Amazon, made my own (like 5 different ones) and I could not find ANY that worked. Some would make me get razor burn (most homemade) –note, red sores under the pit aren’t cute especially for fitness instructors. Others made me sweat more and smelled like an a**! And lastly they made me foam in my armpits!

Funny (typical) story, my workout buddy Ruthie and I were running Lake Hollingsworth and I was feeling pretty cool because we were making really good time, it was a beautiful day out and I was feeling like a legit runner (rarely happens). Well we passed our finish line and she looks at me and says “what’s wrong with your arm pits?!?!” True story it looked like I had rabbis of the armpit. They had legit foamed the whole time from this new “healthy” deodorant I was trying. Cool real cool. I can’t make this stuff up. So, let me save you the foaming armpit nightmare and tell you this Lavanila Healthy Deodorant is the BEST!!! You still sweat but not a ton (I live in Florida so it is inevitable sometimes) and it smells good with many “flavors” to choose from. It’s not too expensive and lasts forever! I am obsessed you guys and you need to buy it NOW!!! Supposedly their perfumes are phenom as well, but I have not tried them yet! You can buy it on Amazon and most Sephora’s sell it!


Ok, in a few weeks I will share about face and skin products, make-up, cleaning products and tampons?! If you guys have tried some stuff you love, please share! If you try this deodarant, let me know what you think!

And remember, let’s keep those pits sweaty and boobs trash bag free! 🙂



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