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Mia’s Adoption Day

Mia’s adoption day could probably go down as one of the best days of my life. I wasn’t expecting to feel that way, since the day we met her she felt like ours, so I didn’t expect to feel a huge difference once the adoption was finalized, but I did. I think I could relate it to marriage in the sense where I thought things would feel relatively the same between Tomas and I but something does shift, like a…

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Our First Family Halloween

You guyyyyysss Halloween was like the best day of my life! I couldn’t believe how much fun it was, kids make everything a million times more fun, I didn’t want it to end! I was excited to do a family costume this year for all of us! We went with a family cat vibe 😉 I had to get a little creative because Baby Boy is so tiny it was hard to find a costume and it’s kinda hard to…

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Mia Turned Two!

Mia is officially two years old! Is it weird that she already seems more mature and independent? I am so excited for all the new stages but it is hard watching her babyness (word?) slip away. It’s hard to think we will never have these seasons again especially where they are so young. In a weird way, I think about it all the time. I REALLY REALLY want time to slow down and I am trying to do my best…

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