11 weeks Pregnant

How far along: 11 weeks

Gender: we don’t know yet!

Maternity clothes: None yet. Everything is a little snug. I have officially retired all crop tops leaving me with 3 shirts ;). My high-rise jeans are tiiiiighhhtt, but Lululemon legging are stretching and are definitely on this journey with me!

Sleep: Sleep has been good! I actually feel like I sleep so much because I can’t stay up past 10pm, which is so not like me! I’m a night owl and normal bedtime is midnight so going to sleep so early is throwing me off! I am looking forward to the second trimester so I can hopefully stay up later! I miss those hours in my life lol

Best moment this month: Finally, being able to share with people that we are pregnant! It was hard teaching fitness classes and wearing baggy shirts to hide my bump (bloat?). It’s nice to have it out in the open and so sweet how much everyone has celebrated with us! 🙂

Worst moment this month: hmmmm this is so hard for me to think of, probably both kids being sick with sinus and ear infections, but they are better now!

Miss anything: Before being pregnant I was a pretty avid coffee drinker, I don’t even want to disclose at what level because I might be a little embarrassed lol, so needless to say that has been cut back tremendously. I do miss it but in the long run this is probably for the best! Pray for my adrenals 😉 I do loooove ahi tuna and poke bowls so I am missing those!

Movement: I don’t expect this for at least a good amount longer, but excited for when it does happen!

Cravings: Alllll the salt! I’m convinced I’m consuming 2 millions grams of sodium a day! So needless to say me and cheese are BFF’s, I actually replaced the veggies drawer in my fridge with cheese drawer *cringe*!

Queasy or sick: Feeling good, I am so thankful!

Looking forward to: Celebrating the Balance Culture’s and Mia’s 3rd birthday! There is so much to be grateful for this season! Also, all things Fall!! Bring on pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!

5 WEEKS (wishing my abs farewell 😉 ) 

8 WEEKS (pretty much just bloated from the 1 million grams of salt #noregrets) 

10 WEEKS (some bloat some bump?)

11 WEEKS (I think this might be the real thing!)

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