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Time Management and Time Blocking

I feel like I am always in situations and conversations where time management comes up. This might sound so nerdy and weird but I am actually OBSESSED with time management. It does come super easy to me and I almost see life as a puzzle and I am filling in that puzzle with pieces and organizing it to make my schedule work best. Tomas makes fun of me because he does not understand this at all but I kinda get…

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Seasonal Regret

Seasonal regret is an idea/concept that I came up with a while ago. I am about to give you a snapshot into my mind and how it works so buckle up! One of my number one pet peeves about myself is when I look back at a season of my life and think about how much I stressed and worried about whatever it is that was going on and borderline ruined that season of life because of it. I chose…

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lHeyyyyyy guyyyysss! Sooooo I wanted to talk to you guys about protein and some things I have been doing to up my protein intake! Little backstory here, I have been a vegetarian for about three years. I started this because I learned a lot about the blood type diet and decided to try it out. Blood Type Diet means you eat according to your blood type and that your blood type effects how you process/break down food. I am A+, so basically…

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