Mom Life


Kids Update

It’s been way too long since I have done one of these and selfishly I wanted to write it so I could go back and look one day to remember this fun stage! Now that Mia and Kai are older things are a million times easier! So, stay strong moms of young ones it does get better (hope plug)! They started interacting and playing together all the time about a few months ago and things took a turn, in the…

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Balance Culture Kids Care

Kids care is something I have gone back and forth on since day one of opening The Balance Culture. Everyone said that once I had/got (in my case) kids I would instantly see the need and make it happen. They were right. But it wasn’t necessarily for me or my need of it. I now understood the life of a mom, both the amazing parts and the really hard ones. When I became a new mom The Balance Culture was…

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Kai’s Adoption Day

I wanted to come on here and write about all the amazing things surrounding Kai’s adoption and part of me thought the longer I waited to write it, the more I would be ready to do that. I thought I would be able to skip over the hard parts, ok honestly the agonizing parts. The parts that kept me up more nights then I can count, sent my anxiety through the roof, made me more vulnerable than I have ever…

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