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My Detox Drink

Let’s talk detox drinks! I was never a huge fan of them because it made me think of not eating, drinking a weird concoction, and starving to cleanse my system, similar to a high school diet trick *eye roll emoji* I found this detox drink on The Skinny Confidential blog, made it and I’ve been obsessed ever since! I modified it slightly and added my own touch but it is relatively the same. I started drinking it about a year…

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The First Time I Had Both Kids by Myself

I want to provide some comic relief for some of you new mama’s out there as well as some nostalgia for some of you more seasoned moms, and hopefully not too much fear for you mama’s to-be 😉 . To learn about our adoption story and adopting two kids under a year and a half within a fews weeks of each other start here 😉 Here is a story of my first running solo effort with both kids back in…

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Mia’s Room

Some things are just awkward to navigate with adoption. Like, how and when do you do their rooms?! When we were first told about Mia I had no idea how much to do ahead of time (I mean our notice that she was being placed with us was just a few days before she moved in lol). I started pinning and planning but I kept feeling like I really wanted to get to know her first and make sure it…

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