Staying Hot (like sexy) During The Holiday Season

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I opened up blog topic ideas to you guys on Facebook and got so many great ideas! One theme threaded throughout your responses was concerning the holidays and how to eat healthy. This is such a great idea because it is something everyone struggles with, including myself!


It’s hard because you don’t want to be that weirdo that brings their own food to a party but you also don’t want to pig out and spend January and February working extra hard to get rid of the holiday pounds from just two weeks of parties. I really think there is a balance here and I think I have found it.

I use to go all out for the holidays in the past. I ate pretty healthy all year long but once Thanksgiving came everything went out the window and I went to town. Then the holiday parties started, and same thing. My birthday (shout out to Dec. 23rd!), Christmas, New Years Eve, it was basically a six week feast until after the New Year. Then I would get super strict, buckle down, and go hardcore trying to lose the holiday chub (me and my sisters call it that) for the next few months. It seemed worth it in the past but not so much anymore.

I have come to find that my body doesn’t like this too much and it really does mess with my system, every year the weight is harder to get off and I don’t like depriving myself for a season to drop the pounds. I have shared with you guys before that consistency is key and I don’t think the holidays are an exception.

I want to share with you guys my mindset and some tips to make it through this holiday season the healthiest you can while still enjoying yourself!

First things first, I never arrive to a party starving! This is a giant no no! I make sure I have something small so my blood sugar doesn’t drop when I arrive and then I become famished and will literally just want to stuff my face. This can be something as small as carrots and hummus, if I am really hungry I might have a protein bar or small salad, something like that. This way when I get there I am eating things I can enjoy not just because I am starving.

Obviously holiday parties have a lot of horderves, baked goods, hot hearty options, and desserts. There is also usually a veggie/ fruit tray and a salad of some sorts. I usually try to stick to one plate. I find that in these types of situations it is way more about portion control then it is about what you are actually eating. Many times we are like “whatever, go big or go home” and stuff our faces. This is when self-discipline comes in. I usually get a little of everything to try and then fill my plate will fruits, veggies, and salad. Again sticking to one plate. Remember, don’t deprive yourself, and enjoy it without with holiday binge.

So many times when we go to these holiday parties we eat a bunch of crap that we really don’t even like. I like to save my splurges for the food I REALLY REALLY enjoy. Why would I waste it on foods that I don’t really even like (I don’t even know but I use to do this ALL the time). I LOVE cheesecake so you better believe that is always my choice of splurge. I usually get one piece not five and take my time enjoying it. Make sure you eat enough dinner so that you are not starving and end up eating a bunch of sweets, you would be better off going cray on dinner and then having a little room for dessert.

I can’t say I go about every holiday party like this, but I do pick and choose. My birthday is a big deal to me and I REALLY like to enjoy it. Starting off with breakfast I eat a lot of foods that I usually don’t eat daily all the way to my ice-cream cake at the end of the night. I don’t even think twice about it, I just enjoy.

So maybe there is that one party that is a non-negotiable and you go all out, do it, do it big and then keep moving forward on your normal healthy holiday track.

Ok so exercise. A lot of people turn into complete couch potatoes and think their body doesn’t even know how to workout. Hell no. It is more important than ever! If you want to keep the holiday pounds down, continue to exercise! If your bod is use to it and then you all of a sudden stop and then start eating party food you will gain a good amount of weight. But if you can continue to workout and exercise moderation at these parties you bod will be nice to you!

For workouts I usually stick to something around 30 minutes during the holidays because if it is any longer chances are I wont make time for it and will do nothing. Something is always better than nothing. A quick 30 minutes run/walk, some weights, a Youtube vid, or a class at The Balance Culture 😉 are all really good options! Again, make it attainable and realistic, maybe its just two/three times a week, but it’s something!! Then you can start the New Year in a healthy place just ramping up what you were already doing instead of a full restart starting way back before the start line. Does that make sense?

I think all these little tips can really get your through the holiday season feeling and looking your best! They are a bunch of little decisions you make over the course of the holiday season that really add up!


If you guys do some of these things or have other ideas please let me know!!!

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season!



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  • Sabrina O.
    December 18, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    My trick is a bowl of oatmeal! Before heading out to dinner parties or holiday parties, I eat a bowl of plain oatmeal. It sticks to your ribs, meaning it actually fills you up for a long time! Then when get to the party I’m not going crazy. Granted there are times when I can’t, but this Is typically what saves me! Or a slice of wheat toast. 😉