My Detox Drink

Let’s talk detox drinks! I was never a huge fan of them because it made me think of not eating, drinking a weird concoction, and starving to cleanse my system, similar to a high school diet trick *eye roll emoji*

I found this detox drink on The Skinny Confidential blog, made it and I’ve been obsessed ever since! I modified it slightly and added my own touch but it is relatively the same. I started drinking it about a year ago and have really noticed a difference! I don’t change anything with my diet when drinking it, I just drink it instead of water and get an energy buzz right after, every time!

I posted about this recipe on my Instagram story a while ago and so many of you had questions, wanted more details and have started drinking it and love it too, so I wanted a place to post it and answer your questions! With the New Year I feel like we are all in the detox mode so I thought this would be the perfect time 🙂

This detox drink really does cleanse your system and has so many health benefits.


4 Cups of Water

2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother)

1/2 TSP of Tumeric

1/2 TSP Chlorophyll

1/2 TSP Cayenne Pepper

Stevia or Honey (sweeten to taste but don’t go overboard with the honey)

  • I add ice but you don’t have to
  • work your way up but I double the recipe 🙂


Apple Cider Vinegar: lowers your blood sugar, helps with cravings, helps digestion and your gut health, helps break down carbs, and keeps you regular 😉 .

Tumeric: it’s an antioxidant, powerful medicinal properties, anti-inflammatory, lowers risk of heart disease, prevents cancer, prevents Alzheimer, and a fat burner.

Cayenne Pepper: helps with digestion, boosts metabolism, supports weight loss, provides detox support, anti-irritant, and promotes heart health.

Chlorophyll: it’s a superfood, fights cancer, cleanses and detoxifies your liver, speeds up skin wound healing, improves digestion, helps with weight control, and protects your skin.

Happy New Year!! Love you all! XOXO

Additional Notes:

  • I try to drink it at least once a day
  • If the cayenne flavor is too strong, start with less and work your way up 🙂
  • Most of the ingredients you can get in your grocery store with the exception of chlorophyll. So you can make the drink ASAP and just add that later. I order it off of Amazon. I didn’t add it until recently so the drink still has a lot of benefits without it 🙂

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