Girl Code

One thing I have noticed a lot lately is how freaking amazing women are. When we set our fears and insecurities to the side we can literally be unstoppable, creating a legacy for ourselves and future generations! A-MAZING!

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You guys know I am in a whole different mode lately. I have been listening to business podcasts and YouTube videos like it is my job (literally) and have been reading any chance I get (this post talks more about that).

I have taken intentionality with my time to a whooole new level and I am seeing how it is completely affecting my mindset. The book Girl Code I have been reading is no exception. If I am not listening or reading something on business, I can guarantee you it is on empowering women.

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Girl Code is amazing because Cara talks about everything from being a female entrepreneur, to empowering women, and interviewing other super successful women. She explains the power of our thought life and reframing/shaping our thoughts.

This seems to be the theme of everything I am listening to lately. The difference between super successful entrepreneurs and ones that are just making it, is their reliance and ability to take a negative situation, find the positives/lessons, and get back up and try again even harder.

We just need to expect pushback and obstacles so when they happen we are ready, deal (in a positive way), and move on <<< AKA the key to biz right there. Our ability to do this and do it fast will lead to us being successful in life in general so why not- right?!?!

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I am learning that perspective is everything, and I am trying to view everything through a perspective that propels me forwards verses stifles me and keeps me stuck. There is NOTHING worse then feeling stuck. So reading and listening to empowering information is essential!

Cara does a phemon job of highlighting amazing business women as well as shares her own personal wisdom along the way. I suggest you head to Amazon and order it now because is SERIOUSLY is that good!

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  • KarissaLove Brittmeister
    April 7, 2016 at 9:18 am

    It is so true Kirstin. I have been reading a lot about the way we think and it either empowers us or disables us. Thank you for sharing this book. I will have to check it out. XOXO – Karissa H

    • mm
      Kirstin Czernek
      April 10, 2016 at 1:53 pm

      Awesome Karissa! I am so glad you could relate! I really think you are gunna love it!