Whats Been In My Ear

You guysssssss….. I am addicted to self-development these days! Like I can’t stop, don’t want to, and I want to share with you all my really cool finds!!!


A few weeks ago Tomas and I went to Starbucks on our date and we were just planning on having a little pick-me-up before heading to a movie. We then got on a random tangent and he was telling me about all of the self-development stuff he had been listening to and the difference it was making in him.

Side note: Tomas is brilliant when it comes to anything business and I so respect everything he says. He has been such a huge part of The Balance Culture and has really helped me in making some really important business decisions. So if he is doing it, chances are I should be too.

So obvi I care about what he says, and when he started talking to me about how I need to create a little business school for myself by listening to successful people all the time, I did not take it lightly.

I didn’t go to business school and have never actually learned much about business outside of doing it. It hasn’t been an insecurity of mine but it has been something that I have wanted to become more knowledgeable about.

I feel like God had a special grace for me and for Balance Culture when everything started but at some point grace starts to dwindle and responsibility has to set in and this is exactly where I am at. I am not so naïve to think that “winging it” will carry The Balance Culture through (haha), I want to do as many of the right, smart business moves along the way with as little mistakes as possible. (Mistakes and failures are inevitable obvi but if I can learn something and it will help me avoid that I’m gunna do that- catch my drift).

So right after the conversation with Tomas I instantly jumped on the train (we actually skipped the movie that night to listen to Tai Lopez on The 67 Steps) *you have to pay for it so I don’t have a link

My number one excuse complaint to Tomas was that I don’t have enough time. This is actually ridiculous because a) you make time for the things that are important to you and b) it is not difficult to have a podcast playing while you get ready in the morning/ drive in your car/ working/ waiting in line somewhere/ in class (jk listen in your classes kids! 😉 ). So that’s exactly what I did. I started having them play all the time, while I was doing stuff, and I would go through hours of info each day. I am not sitting there taking notes, I am just doing other things and absorbing so it’s totally up to you I am just saying what worked for me.

I love reading too (and plan on sharing my fave books with you guys soon!) but it’s hard to stop everything I am doing sometimes and just read for that period of time, making podcasts and YouTube vids liquid gold!

Side Note: It is unreal that we have access to all this info guys! Like back in the day you had to spend hundreds of dollars to go to conventions and conferences and now it’s at our fingertips! Unreal!


Since then, I have hopped on several different trains so below is the links of the main people and stuff I have been listening to and you can go from their listening to all their stuff (that’s what I am doing).

Tip: if I am listening to something online I screen shot the place I am at if I don’t finish it so if I lose my place I know exactly where I was when I hop back on. Many times I am listening to 20 minutes clips here and there, not necessarily a whole hour and half at a time.

The people I listen to have to be entertaining/funny, they might curse (sorry guys!), but if I am taking time to listen it NEEDS to grab my attention.

Since adding this into my life, I feel like a different person. I am starting to think how they think, make decisions with the things I am learning in my mind, and I can put words to the things l am doing because it turns out they are business principles (who knew??) 😉 .

If you have some stuff you are OBSESSED with please send it my way!!!!

Here are mine:

  • Ted Talks– A million different super successful people talking about all different topics! 
  • Brene Brown– She studies vulnerability and is a phenomenal writer and speaker. I started with her Ted Talk and then listening to anything and everything she had out there. I also really liked this one>>>> link
  • Top 10 Rules For Success- These are really cool! Basically it’s a compilation of the top ten tips that various successful people have said at different talk shows/conferences/interviews and each one features a different person. Super fast and the best nuggets of each person! 
  • Chase Jarvis Live- He interviews different people and has a show and youtube channel directed towards creatives.
  • #AskGaryVeeShow– This is my fave right now!! He has 191 episodes and I started at the top and am making my way down! He is brilliant and I am learning so much from his show! I listening to him while I get ready because they are all pretty short and fly by! 
  • Tai Lopez- This is the guy I mentioned earlier but like I said you have to pay for his stuff each month so it totally up to you!


Happy listening!


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