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Fitnesssss clothes!!! They are basically more important than the workout itself-am I right? If you know me, you know that I LIVE in fitness clothes whether or not I am working out that day. I wish I was one of those girls who are super into fashion, make it look effortless and are dressed cute all the time. Like “Oh hey, yeah I just threw this on. It might look like I’m a model for Urban, but I’m not. It just happened this way!” I’m totally mocking out of jealousy and admiration I promise! So, clearly this is so not me, not ever. I’m totally owning it. Give me comfort all day,every day. This is why I started the fitness studio-kidding, I think 😉


A few years ago I bought my first pair of Lululemon leggings and never looked back. I think I am into the feeling of not wearing pants and having some black spandex suction cupped to my legs. This is the way I roll!

I want to share with you guys some of my absolute FAVES! I will say I am SOOO picky about fitness clothes (especially pants) and I am not trying to be an athletic clothing snob, but I know that I am, so I will say it before you can 😉

Ok so, I know all the bad press about Lululemon’s pants being see through and blah, blah, blah (honestly, I don’t think my butt is big enough to make that part see through #smallbuttprobs), but I freakin’ LOVE their pants!!! They are expensive I know like almost $100 per pant, but they are SOO worth it because they last! And for someone who wears them all. the. time. this is a must! Not only are they made of great quality, but they stand behind that great quality and they take all products back that have ANYTHING wrong with them and they will replace it with brand new merch. I have returned a pair of pants where the inseam had some loose strings by the ankle and they gave me a brand new pair, no questions asked!

You need to treat them well, like no dryer (hang dry) and they will pretty much be the same the 100th time you wear them. They don’t slide off your waist while you workout and they have ones that are high waisted and squish everything in–hello, worth it!!!

I own about seven of these that I have collected over the years and I rotate them all the time. I basically wear them allllll weeeeeek looooong. They are so comfortable and if you are lucky enough to find the “luxtreme”, load up because those babies are freakin’ dime a dozen and I am OBSESSED with the material (they don’t carry them a ton)!!

My recent find on the pants front is Victoria Secret Sport workout pants. I am not gunna lie, I was pretty impressed by these spandex wonders! I have been on the search to find something less expensive than Lulu’s and FINALLY found these! They are still expensive at a whopping $65, but the material is just as great and I love them even though I have only had them for a few weeks! The material is thicker than my Lulu’s, but I think I like that (they are not hotter). I bought three a few weeks ago and have been wearing them nonstop. I also like these because they are more easily accessible here in Lakeland, Florida and I don’t have to drive to Tampa to go to Lulu.


(How much are those fuzzes on ^ pic driving you nuts?!?!?! I could scream!!! Give me a LINT ROLLER!!!!!)

Plus, Victoria is always coming out with new patterns for the workout pants, so that is fun if you are into that kinda thing and can rock it. This girl can’t (I look ridiculous), but I have seen a bunch of girlies that can really pull this off! Me and colors are on a break.

Shiiirrrrttttsss. Shirts, I am not picky about at all! They just have to be long for my long a** torso, but that’s about it. I find most of my shirts from Marshalls and TJ Maxx and LOVE them! This 90 Degree brand is probably my fave. They are usually $10, so I stock up on a ton, over-wear them and then I donate them, when I am over them. I have a couple of tops from Lulu that were given to me as presents and I like them, but to be honest, one tank top isn’t worth it to me for $55. I would rather buy another pair of pants! I do love Lulu’s jackets and pull overs though, I do splurge there (blushing shocked emoji).

Shoes, kicks, tennies, sneakers…. Whatever your preference! I say sneakers and people make fun of me… Am I the only one? Me and Nike’s go way back and I think we are in it for the long hall. I use to rock the Nike Free’s for years and recently switched to the Flyknits  and haven’t looked back. They are so light, like a freakin’ sock and are SOOO comfortable! I switch my SNEAKERS out every 3-4 months from running (these might have a 6 month life 😉 ) and I will definitely go with the flyknits again.


Bras for the tas-tas (can I say that?) I do NOT like my girls bouncing around while I work out (ew it’s uncomfortable and awkward for everyone around me. They must be tamed). I have been rocking VS sports bras  with the wire and no padding for yeaaarrrsss. I wear them all the time because they are so comfortable and make my girls very happy! Again, don’t put them in the dryer and they will last forever! Do your ladies a favor and pick up one of these ASAP! Totes worth it, I promise! They are a little pricey, but I wait for the promos and just got 3 new ones for $35 a pop! Score!

I really think that after writing this post, Tomas is going to cut me off 😉 . I am actually not a huge shopper…. I find a few things I like and usually stick with them. A lot of my fitness stuff I have had for years and still rock it, but I definitely buy new stuff for workout motivation. See babe, I spend money on this stuff, but it motivates me to workout and keep everything nice and tight and lifted 😉 If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is 😉 Who is with me on this?

What are your fave fitness finds!?!?! Happy fitness shopping!



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