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Adoption Questions & Myths

When I first started my research on adoption I was so overwhelmed. There was so much information but I felt like I couldn’t get the answers I needed. It was actually a super defeating feeling initially because just when I thought I would find an answer I would have a million more questions about that answer. I remember coming home one day after reading something about how you very rarely can adopt younger kids from foster care and I almost…

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Raising World Changers

When God started speaking to Tomas and I about adopting from foster care, I had an unexplainable peace about it. Any time my nerves would get the best of me, I would pray and instantly feel like God had hand picked the perfect children for us and that it was all going to be ok. Fast forward to meeting Mia, when I met her I instantly knew she was a world changer. Here was this itty bitty little girl, who…

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Our Adoption Story

I am so excited to finally be able to share an update on our adoption process with you all! I have felt like I have had to go radio silent on here because we didn’t share on social media for a bit and it was so hard to blog and not write about it! To start at the beginning of our journey, read this first! 🙂 I want to keep this as brief as possible and I promise to go into…

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