Taco Soup For Fools ;)

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It has hit a chilling 70 degrees here in Florida, which means we have tiny (miniscule) moments of cold that we cling on to. To fight the chill 😉 we bust out the soups! Taco soup has been my “go-to” soup this winter! I am the type of person that can eat the same thing over and over until I literally hate it and can’t eat it again for a year (sandwiches, sushi, Saigon, eggs, and spaghetti squash to name a few 😉 . I don’t know why I do this to myself but I do and for some reason I can’t change it, so taco soup it is! I literally have had it all the time for a couple of months now. It’s so easy to make and lasts all week, done and done!


I feel like I can’t keep this treasure to myself anymore and HAVE to share the recipe with you guys so you have something to keep you warm this winter 😉 . It is also a really good dinner for me because I don’t get back from the studio until at least 9:00pm and it’s hard to eat something heavy right after working out especially when I am heading to bed in the next hour. Soup is that happy medium for me that fills without stuffing me and making me feel sick in the morning- win!

I have shared with you guys that I am not a huge meat person, Sometimes I crave it but most times I don’t. So you can make this soup vegetarian or add the ground beef, turkey or whatever you prefer! I have been buying this brand `of beef for Tomas from Publix and he is obsessed, it really is good! He is constantly like “it tastes like steak”, and he literally freaks out every time we make it! One package is great for this size soup, which makes usually about 10 big bowls. We put the meat in a separate tupperware and he just adds it in when he heats it up!

We usually cook this together on Sunday night like it’s our thing. Nothing like bonding over taco soup! He opens all the cans and dumps the contents in a big pot and I cook the meat. It for real takes ten minutes max, the non-cookers dream! Clean up is super easy too because I usually store the soup in the pot I cooked it in the fridge, so I am just cleaning the pan from the meat! I’m telling you guys this soup is the dreeeaaammm!


Happy taco soup and feliz navidad! 😉

Ingredients: (I use all organic meat and veggies but you don’t have to)

2 cans of corn

2 can of black beans

2 cans of pinto beans

2 cans of diced tomatoes (don’t buy crushed by accident it tastes like a$$)

3 cups of water (as much water you want depending on how soupy you want)

1 ½ packets of taco seasoning

1 package of ground beef/turkey (optional)

1 chopped onion (optional* onions hurt my stomach so we don’t)

Sour Cream

Cheese (I like shaved parmesan from Publix)



  • Cook meat, onion (if you used it) ½ packet of taco seasoning
  • Drain corn and beans and dump in pot
  • Add tomatoes, water, and 1 packet of taco seasoning
  • Add the meat and onions and heat until soup it boiling and then just simmer!
  • Once I prepare my bowl I add sour cream and some parm and go to town!
  • Wah-lah!







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