How far along:14 weeks! So pumped to be in the second trimester!

Gender: Girl!!!! We found out today we are having a baby girl and we are SOOOO excited, especially Mia, since that’s what she has wanted from the beginning!

Maternity clothes: Not yet! I feel like every day I wake up and look a different level of pregnant, like some days not very much and others super pregnant (for me 😉 ) My leggings are still hanging on and I have bought a few more tops in a larger size that are comfortable but nothing specifically maternity yet!

Stretch marks: Nope!

Belly button in or out: In 🙂

Sleep: Still good, and long! I maybe stay up until 10:30 now, but I still miss being a night owl! I hear 14 weeks is when a lot of things change! Bring on the energy and needing less sleep!

Best moment this week: Finding out we are having a girl! It was so fun to bring the kids and be there together, honestly, I am so obsessed with my family, these are the dayssss….

Miss anything: Sandwiches, especially since I just made one for Tomas and I am sitting here watching him eat it with envy in my eyes.

Movement: Not yet, but I am hoping soon!!

Cravings: Thankfully these salt craving has calmed down and I feel more like my normal self. I eat vegetables now and I’m not putting down string cheese like it’s my job! #progress

Queasy or sick: Nope! This is so bizarre but if I drink my coffee right when I wake up I’m good to go, but if I wait even 20 minutes I feel nauseous and sometimes get sick, its seriously so bizarre!

Looking forward to: Mia’s birthday is this week and I am excited to celebrate the heck out of her! Also, a lot of fun things business wise are happening, all around such a fun season of life!

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