I know my hair is stupid long and so many people ask (A) if it’s real? and (B) how the “H” did I get it so long? Well, I am here to disclose to you my crazy “A” secrets! Believe it or not, my hair hasn’t always been this long and for the longest time I could not grow it past my shoulders. It was bleach-blonde (from a box and I think a cap was involved *face palm*). I straightened it with my Conair straightener about 20 times a day and did about a bajllion other horrendous things to it on a daily basis. Basically, my hair became suicidal and the ends would just fall off making a “natural” haircut a consistent basis. Cool, right? Oh, to be a teen again…


When I went to Mercy Ministries, there were no boys and pretty much no one to impress, so I stopped the debauchery and just let my hair be. This, combined with the added nutrients into my life, (go food!)(that story here) my locks began to come back to life. My hair grew and then hit the infamous plateau; all you hair growers know what I am talking about. It lingered around the same length (I think four inches past my shoulder) forever. I simultaneously wanted to chop that ‘ish’ off because it was SOOO knotty- think one giant dreadlock by the end of the day. I was over. it.

As a last result, I went into a hair store and asked what I could do about it. I am still convinced to this day that the chic was an angel. She showed me a product called “It’s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner”  and it literally changed my life. It detangled my hair like no other and then it magically began to grow like CRAY. It got SUPER healthy and my locks became über luscious. I have recommended this product to so many people and I probably should have invested in their stock back then- #regret.

So, my hair grew and grew, but my ends were still struggling. A friend told me about “Rescue Repair Sealed Ends” and it totally softened my ends and made them SO much healthier to where I didn’t have to cut my hair as often. Win! I still use both of these products religiously to this day! I also use a “Wet Brush” AKA LIFE SAVOR! It detangles my hair like no other and is literally a magical brush. It’s just a stupid, plastic looking thing but it has some power that like whispers to your hair follicles or something. I don’t know… it works!

In terms of washing, I try try try not to wash my hair as much as possible. You might think that its gross, but washing your hair all the time actually strips it from its natural oils and dries it out – AKA, it’s B-A-D. So, I wash it about twice a week. I use dry shampoo  like it’s my job, which is awesome for after I work out. Plus it hides my root madness – double win!

For shampoo and conditioner, I use Clear Care. Nothing fancy, it’s cheap and I just like how it makes my hair feel plus it leaves me flake free 😉 . In terms of styling, I don’t really use any hot tools. If I want my hair wavier, I just sleep with it in a bun and I take it out in the morning and wwah-lah!


I do get my hair cut pretty often. I used to just trim it, but it grows at psycho speeds now. So, when I get a hair cut, I try to make it worth it and cut at least three inches. I recently had a ton of layers put in because it was so heavy and blah- I couldn’t handle it. The layers have helped tremendously! Thank God for my hair girl Lindsay Lane at Esquire in Lakeland. She is a hair goddess and always makes it look perfect. From color to cut, she is my girl! You are allowed to steal her if you want 😉 . I know how hard it is to find someone fabulous!

Random side note that I get asked about all. the. time. I do not and have never used biotin. Once a girl told me that her friend tried it and grew chest hair sooo it was a no-go for me. (Although I understand the desperation 😉 ).

Goodness gracious, I was not planning on writing this much about my hair, but the deets just kept coming! Let me know your hair secrets! I am always looking for new ideas!

Love, peace, and no hair grease my friends!