Anniversary Love

Today Tomas and I celebrate seven years of marriage bliss! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by, to think that we have almost been together ten years is seriously unreal.

From day one, Tomas and I committed to live an adventure, I am not sure we fully grasped what that would mean at the time, but we knew we wanted our lives together to be fun, a little chaotic (just to keep things interesting), and passionate. We’ve never done/been the norm and continue to defy the odds (we like this about ourselves, just tell us we can’t do something and we will make it happen 😉 ).

Tomas totally evens out the rule follower/ mundane/ slightly boring side of me. Naturally, left to myself I would totally live inside the box and very safe, but paired with him I feel like I can achieve almost anything, pushing the envelope and striving for my dreams. He challenges me constantly and never lets me settle.

In hard times he is a rock. I still have yet to see the man mad or angry, nothing seems to throw him off. He is consistently happy and all the time optimistic. He lives to make me laugh and succeeds all the time, even when I’m a little pmsy 😉 .

We have lived so much life together but in many ways are just getting started. God continues to have big plans for us and as Tomas leads, I continue to follow. Tomas I love you so freaking much and cannot wait to spend the next 100 years with you! Cheers my love!

Check out some pics from our beach weekend!












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