Be Your Own Goals

Ahhhhh I am so excited to share this!!! “Be your own goals”, are four words that have radically changed my life in the last few months…

Backstory: as women we are literally the worst at comparing ourselves a million times a day in a million different ways. Especially when it comes to our appearance! We set pics of hot girls as the background/home screen of our phone or on our fridge to keep us motivated towards whatever goal we are striving towards at that time, healthy? – debatable. We wish away the body and features we have to no avail. “I wish my thighs were smaller”, “I wish my hair was longer/blonder/thicker/curlier (fill in the blank)”, “I wish my back fat didn’t hang over my pants”, I mean I could go on and on with the things I say and hear all. the. time.

Comparison is totally a thief of joy and can literally get you into the worst rut of your life. It is so much easier to look at the people to the right and left of us verses focusing on ourselves but that comparison is literally the worst motivator and NEVER works! Feeling like s*** about yourself can get you nowhere SUPER fast! Thus the phrase “be your own goals” now being the phrase of my life!

Wrapping our minds around the fact that we have the ability to be our own goals is not easy! What do I mean by “be your own goals” you ask? Basically it’s the idea that A) you don’t have to wish the body you have away, you can actually love it through the process of changing you don’t have to wait until the change occurs and B) you have the ability to work hard to meet those goals. It is hard work and most things don’t come easy but consistency is key. Most of the time we find a bod of a chick and just obsess over wanting it but don’t want to put the hours of ab work they did in Pilates ( 😉 shout out to my class) to get it! So basically stop talking about it and just do it. Stop complaining to your friends, just make a decision and do it #guilty.

So with New Years rezzies getting thrown around like no one biz, make a point to BE YOUR OWN GOALS! When you wake up in the morning make choices that will get you to the person you want to be and don’t look back! Who else is with me on this!??!?

Shout out: So this whole idea was formulated by my brilliant best friend, Ruthie. My super sexy assistant Julia and I have owned it like it’s our job and literally say it in some way, shape, or form at least 10 times a day! We have even shortened it to BYOG! So feel free to BYOG peeps!!! Also feel free to follow @ruthietait on insta for more life changing inspiration 😉





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