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Hair Wanding

You guys asked and I wanna answer! Since I did my last hair post, the questions have poured in about how I wand my hair! I personally learned how to curl it through YouTube videos so I wanted to create the same for you guys! Couple of things: I never wanted to wand my hair before because I thought it would take too long. It only takes 20 minutes max the first time I do it, and then touch ups each…

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SOOOO many questions about this, all day, evr’y day! I love it, it doesn’t bother me for a second but I do want to answer them all so I might have to update these posts a little more frequently! Some things have changed since my last post >>>>> here (most products I use are listed there too)! So I wanna update you guys! First things first, my hair color! I have been “going blonde” for about two years now. It…

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Teeth Whitening Take 2

I wrote a post about my teeth whitening routine about a year ago but I have changed a couple of things so I thought I would update you guys! Who doesn’t love more teeth whitening tips, am I right?!?! Like I shared in my last post my teeth are naturally pretty white and I just do things to take them to that next level of white. One of the bad things about working above an amazing coffee shop (shout out…

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