Teeth Whitening Take 2

I wrote a post about my teeth whitening routine about a year ago but I have changed a couple of things so I thought I would update you guys! Who doesn’t love more teeth whitening tips, am I right?!?!


Like I shared in my last post my teeth are naturally pretty white and I just do things to take them to that next level of white. One of the bad things about working above an amazing coffee shop (shout out to Concord!!) is my teeth have gotten stained and darker a lot faster then I am use to. I didn’t even notice it until looking in the mirror one day and getting slapped in the face by my yellow teeth, ew.

I knew my whitening routine wasn’t working anymore and I had to switch it up so I headed to the good ol’ internet for a solution. I found a lot of information and reviews on the Smile Sciences kits and decided to give it a try. It is an expensive kit but I found a coupon code, making it only $29, score!

The kit came in the mail a couple days later and was super easy to use. It comes with a couple of mouth trays, a syringe filled with the whitening solution, a LED light, and a whitening pen for maintenance.

You make the trays custom to fit your teeth by boiling water, putting them in so the rubber is pliable, placing it on your teeth to mold and you’re good to go! You can also cut the excess rubber to make them even more custom to your mouth.

Using the syringe, I put the whiting gel on the trays and then place the trays in my mouth and then LED light to speed up the whitening process. I had them in for about 20-30 minutes and then I was good to go! Side note: Tomas took full advantage of me in this mouth unable to open state and spent 20 minutes trying to make me laugh so I would spit the trays out. He’s a mess! 😉

They give you a picture of different shades of teeth so you can measure your whiteness and mine got noticeably 5 shades whiter after the first treatment. Pretty Crazy!

I throw the whitening pen in my purse and use it when I am driving around for a while to keep the tops of my teeth and in between white (which is usually what turns yellow on me).

One reason I like this kit over all the others is it does whiten the tops of my teeth. You know how your teeth tend to be yellower by your gum line? This gets rid of that! Crest white strips didn’t do that for me which was frustrating, making Smile Sciences my new go-to!

Here is the link to order the kit I got >>>>>>> Smile Sciences 

Use Coupon Code: IVY

Let me know what you think!





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