Lotion, Face Products, and Body Wash, Oh My!

So last week I did my whole spiel about my view on the products we use and how they effect us as well as the balance that needs to take place even with how “clean” products are. More info on all that here.

Lets pick up where I left off!


Skinnnnn, ok so our skin is the largest organ and we do absorb what we put on it. It doesn’t just sit there on top chillen 😉 . With that being so, we should be paying attention to what we are putting on it. So, body wash, lotion, face products- moisturizers and washes all matter!

These products can be hella expensive, so I am always looking for a good deal! I actually usually find my body washes and lotions at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. My fave brand is EO Essentials. They are paraben-free, sulfate-free, blah, blah, blah, smell good and work well! Each is usually $10 for a giant bottle and lasts forevvvveeerrr! You can also buy them here (the bottles are just smaller)! When I go into any high-end natural product store, I always see this brand, so it must be good 😉 . Right?

I don’t know why, but as I have matured (ok gotten older) my skin has become more sensitive especially my face. I was a gross teen and barely washed my face even with caked on Maybelline foundation that I rocked on the daily. Now I have to be really careful of the products I use because if it has some weird chemicals I will break out-gross pimples peeps! Yum! So, now I wash my face on the regular every morning and night and have found Acure Organics products to be my jam! There is a ton of different ones for different skin types and guess what, Target started selling their products recently!! We all need another excuse to go to Target, am I right?!?!

Here are the exact ones I use. My skin is not oily or dry, it’s just confused, so these work for me.


Brighting Facial Scrub – I use this one about 4 times a week as a deep scrub to get all the dirt off and give my face a fresh surface –idk makes sense in my head. It is sandy and green and makes me feel like a celebrity. Doing this one too much can dry out your skin, so just here and there, k gals!

Cleansing Cream – I use this everyday in the morning and evening. It’s just a normal cleanser and it has a cool menthol thing going on which I like. Who doesn’t!?!?

Serum – I use this every night after the cleanser. It smells amazing, leaves my skin feeling smooth, but not sticky (hard to do) and shrinks your pores, removes lines, yada yada. **side note this Aragan Oil one works well but smells horrible!! So you have been warned!

Day Cream – I put this on every morning after the cleanser before I do my makeup. Again, not sticky, dries fast and feels great! I’m easy to please.

Grapeseed oil – I use this as makeup remover especially for my eyes. It makes it wipe right off easy peasy! Grape seed oil has many other uses too, just Google it 😉 .

Perfume – This is basically made up of essential oils and some other blends. It’s a roll on and I don’t use it a ton, but when I do, I like it! I use to be a perfume addict, but lately I just let my pheromones do their thing -No complaints so far! 😉

Toms Toothpaste – I shared about this in my teeth whitening post, but for those pearly whites I use this Toms one and haven’t missed my Crest 3D White Toothpaste for a second! It gets the job done without all the ‘ish’! Happy mouth! (Update: I buy it at Target)

I just threw a lot your way over the last couple of weeks, but remember it’s a process and this is just what has worked for ME! I swapped my old products out with these over a six-month period. I didn’t go bat “ish” crazy and throw out cabinets filled with products. As I ran out of the old stuff, I purchased new “cleaner” ones. It wasn’t overwhelming this way and eased me in.

Have a clean and fresh day!



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