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House Buying Adventures

I am so excited to share that we bought a house! This could not be happening at a crazier time, but I say bring on the crazy I love this house and I am so excited to be in it! Tomas and I have never been homeowners and we have been married for seven years. It just never seemed to work out. We got married in school and were definitely not rolling in the dough, we both did our masters,…

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Colorado Adventures

To say that I have been the worst blogger lately would be a serious understatement. Life has hit unreal levels of crazy but all in the best way! I can’t share all the deets at this moment but I will be able to in a couple of weeks so stay tuned, at that point I know you will all understand! 😉 Sooo on top of the crazy we went to Colorado for a week and had a blast! It was…

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Anniversary Love

Today Tomas and I celebrate seven years of marriage bliss! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by, to think that we have almost been together ten years is seriously unreal. From day one, Tomas and I committed to live an adventure, I am not sure we fully grasped what that would mean at the time, but we knew we wanted our lives together to be fun, a little chaotic (just to keep things interesting), and passionate. We’ve never…

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