Confessions Of A Junk Food Healthy Eater

I had a massive reality check over the last few weeks and I wanted to update you guys! Eating healthy definitely has levels, serious levels. Obvi I am all about the balance but even that changes over time. When I first jumped on the health train I was riding it hard. I gave up all processed food and became super mindful of what I was eating and focused on fueling my bod while also splurging from time to time. Along the way I kinda got lost and turned into a junk food healthy eater. What is this you ask? Basically a person who eats somewhat healthy but it’s all processed and not REALLY healthy but healthier then like fast food and straight up processed. That was me, all the way! And literally like a month ago…. #fail

I found myself going for whatever was fast and easiest and snacking all the time. I freaking love the Simply Cheetos that aren’t so natural and I would eat them every night before bed. I was eating a ton of frozen foods (which aren’t bad bad but also aren’t the best, especially if its all.the.time.) and somewhere along the way I stopped eating greens and veggies as much. I’m making it seem really dramatic and maybe it wasn’t THIS bad but it was pretty bad.

Since I started instructing fitness classes all the time, I thought I had the freedom to kinda eat whatever because I was working out so much but wouldn’t you know that was not the case! I was feeling more tired, it was harder to put on muscle, things felt a little squishier and I just didn’t feel the same. It was such a slow progression that I really didn’t even notice… um nutrition counselor fail much?

I got so caught up in everything else that my health took a back seat. A few weeks ago I was sitting in the car driving back from Whole Foods (where I went to pick up candy and chocolate, don’t be fooled 😉 ) and I was like holy crap when was the last time I had greens?? And I couldn’t remember! This has nothing to do with the holidays either because it was before that, this was just me not thinking about it for so long.

In that moment, I decided things had to change! I got myself and The Balance Culture Instructors these Count Me Healthy bracelets for Christmas, they are super cool like I’m obsessed and want more, and they are super multipurpose! They look cute and help you keep track of a goal or something you are working on getting better at! There are 12 beads and they slide, so you start them off on one side of the bracelet and then move it over as you achieve whatever that thing is you are keeping track of like a tally mark but cuter 😉 . So mine has been greens! I have been working to have 12 servings of greens each week and it is working! It is back in my life and the intentionality has really helped! Score!

DSC04683 2

Luckily my Christmas list was filled with a bunch of kitchen tools because one of my biggest goals of 2016 is to cook more and eat more at home, now that I have more time! So for Christmas I got a juicer, vitamix, dehydrator, and new toaster (shout out to my bro, Tim 😉 ), and books filled with recipes! I freaking love all of them and it has been so much easier to make healthy choices! I always have juice in the fridge (I’ll share my fave recipes soon!), dehydrated fruit to snack on (post coming!), and I make tons of stuff in the vitamix (recipes coming for this one too!). It really makes it a lot easier when it is 11:30pm at night and I want to bored eat but grab a juice instead! Buh-bye Simply Cheetos, ok ok just kidding, I still love you, its just not as intense. 😉

These small changes have really helped and I feel SOOO much better, like I can’t believe it! So for some of you that have jumped off the train for a bit and feel like there is no hope, you are wrong! Just make a few decisions jump back on the train and keep on chugging!


*I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting around to posting it but hopefully it helps all of you with your New Years Resolutions!



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