The First Time I Had Both Kids by Myself

I want to provide some comic relief for some of you new mama’s out there as well as some nostalgia for some of you more seasoned moms, and hopefully not too much fear for you mama’s to-be 😉 .

To learn about our adoption story and adopting two kids under a year and a half within a fews weeks of each other start here 😉

Here is a story of my first running solo effort with both kids back in July. We had Baby Boy for a couple of days and my mom had stayed with us that week to help out #Godsend. It was a Saturday afternoon, actually my sister’s birthday and we all decided to go to her house for some pizza. After about an hour of being there Mia came and told me she wanted na-night (I know dream kid), so I told my mom she should stay and I would head back home with both kids, Tomas needed to leave to go to Tampa on some work appointments so we left around the same time.

I got in the car with both kids and had an adrenaline rush of empowerment. “OK I’m doing this, I got this, it’s just you and me kids!” and we headed two miles down the road. A sidebar to this story is that Baby Boy had really bad acid reflux when we first got him, he would projectile vomit about every other time he ate. It was miserable for him, sad for us to watch, and horrific for anything in his projectile path.

We pulled into the driveway and Mia started to cry, she was so tired and just wanted to go to bed. I brought her into the house and set her down, and went and got Baby Boy, as I was bringing him into the house he threw up all over himself and the car seat. I quickly brought him inside and into my room and set him on my bed to change him into clean clothes and wipe him down. When I laid him on my bed he threw up again, all over the duvet, sheets, and a pillow, I don’t even know how that happened.

By this point Mia is getting more tired and her fuss is turning into a full-blown cry, I kept telling her it’s ok, everything’s gunna be OK, but I was actually telling myself. I got him cleaned and start making my way to the laundry room to put it all in the wash. While we are walking across the house he throws up again and this time it is all in my hair, down my shirt and bra (how?), and all over the floor, my dog comes running over steps in it and I’m literally watching her track it all around the house as she runs around with a toy in her mouth and she wants me to play with her. I grab a paper towel, wipe my body down real quick, throw my hair back and go change him once again. I then finally put Mia to bed and walk out into the living room to discover my dog who has epilepsy must have had a seizure because there is pee all over my couch and carpet and a huge amount because we probably forgot to let her out that morning because – new parents.

At this point I started to cry, I called Tomas and shared with him what happened and he was like “OK I’m coming home!” and he rescheduled his appointments and raced back to help (seriously the best). My empowered ego was definitely deflated lol.

My mom walks in an hour later to piles all over the floor, one of all of Baby Boy’s car seat cushions, another of all my bedding, another of all my couch cushion, and then a piles of paper towels thrown all over the floor of the house where the dog tracked throw up all over the floor that I still didn’t have a chance to get to and rug where the dog peed.

She walked in and was like “what happened?!?! I was gone for one hour!!!” At this point I start hysterically laughing because what else is there to do.

Thankfully, about 16 loads later the laundry was clean and the couch cushions back on- rookie mistake. The next morning I lowered Mia’s foot into my cold coffee (bc is there any other type of coffee for new moms?) it startled her so she thrashed her foot kicking the coffee and mug straight across the living room all over the same (peed on) couch and rug. There was coffee splattered everywhere, even walls a good 20 feet away- how though?

The silver lining is we learned our lesson, threw out that rug (didn’t have one for two months) and didn’t even bother putting the seat cushions on for about two weeks because we saw how that was going.

I look back on those days and I’m not gunna lie they were hard. So much new, so many unknowns, but man so much love and humbling 😉 . New mama’s out there, it does get easier, you will get your rhythm and have moments where you truly do feel like you got this and are on top of the world and you even drink warm coffee twice a week, key word just warm 😉

PS I did end up washing my hair 😉

Cheers to many more days like this 😉 ! XO

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  • Brooklyn
    December 13, 2017 at 8:36 am

    Thanks for sharing this for every kind of mum or mum to be. I’ve been in that hysterical frenzy before and laughter does really come eventually. I wish I could say the phase ends and it gets less pukey. But I had Lowe’s 5 gallon buckets by every bed last week. They make for great Christmas decorations! 😉 Keep sharing your story. It’s helpfil and inspiring. Andddd I live one mile away and my kids don’t need me (as much) in the evenings and day (school) call me anytime. We all so “have this” and are empowered able women. But sometimes we just need someone to drink the cold after puke coffee with. I would fall apart without my neighbors and we should be yours! Just text “come. now” and we’re there. Xx ????

    • mm
      Kirstin Czernek
      January 1, 2018 at 2:36 pm

      I love you Brookie!!!

  • Hannah G
    January 6, 2018 at 11:52 am

    Oh my gosh this made me smile! Been there ???????? Jacob took his diaper off on the couch and projectiles pooped ALL OVER the couch…. WHAT!? HOW!? I cried… dog jumped up on the couch. I yelled to stop him, woke up the newborn the was sleeping right there that I finally got to sleep ????????… good times!! Literally poop paw prints were everywhere plus having to chase Jacob down with his poopy self.

    • mm
      Kirstin Czernek
      January 7, 2018 at 2:39 pm

      This is hilarious! So yeah you get it 😉