Mia’s Adoption Day

Mia’s adoption day could probably go down as one of the best days of my life. I wasn’t expecting to feel that way, since the day we met her she felt like ours, so I didn’t expect to feel a huge difference once the adoption was finalized, but I did. I think I could relate it to marriage in the sense where I thought things would feel relatively the same between Tomas and I but something does shift, like a solidifying in your heart takes place that you didn’t know could exist before. Mia is completely solidified in my heart.

That day we invited about 30 of our closest friends and family to the courthouse with us. We waited for about an hour and then we were taken back to a small conference room where a few of us sat a table but all of our friends and family stood around us. Our lawyer asked a us a few questions to answer in front of the judge and we shared why we wanted to adopt Mia and her Guardian Ad Litem shared why we were the best fit for her and we all got emotional. Then the judge signed and she was ours! Mia was so sweet she sat on Tomas’ lap the whole time and held my hand, in a weird way she knew that whatever was happening was a big deal.

We get the question a lot about if we are going to tell the kids about them being adopted and the answer is yes! It will just be something that they grow up knowing and we will normalize it as much as possible. We have children’s books that we read to Mia that talk about adoption like the Mommy duck takes care of the baby frog (so cute!), so that’s the place we are at now because she is so young 🙂 .

After we left the court house we all went back to our house and we had a cake, she blew out a candle and we all just hung out and celebrated. We get asked if we will be acknowledging the day in the future and the answer is yes but in a subtle way. We will probably do a cupcake with a candle and explain to her what happened on that day each year but again we are normalizing it, so it’s just built into our life, does that makes sense?

We did get Mia a bracelet that says the name we gave her and on the inside it is engraved with “you’re ours 11/15/17”, she wore it that day and made sure every person she talked to saw it, she is beyond precious.

So how do I feel now? Like, everything is how it should be. Mia is 100% my daughter and I love her so much it hurts sometimes. She is my best friend and my mini me. I can’t wait to watch God’s calling on her like unfold before my eyes, I know God has huge plans for her and I am so thankful I get a front row seat. When you meet Mia you know there is something immensely special about her, she is a world changer, and I will do everything in my power to foster that.

We have gotten the question, when we are adopting baby boy and the answer is soon! Since he was born only a few months ago he is a few steps further back in the process (like court dates and such), so it’s just formality. But because of Mia he will move through the system a lot faster than she has! I am so thankful for my family that God is knitting together, I literally feel like I am living a dream, I am so blessed. XO

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  • Tammie Hampton
    December 7, 2017 at 10:38 am

    It’s adorable!! I would show you Shannon’s room but she’s 21 and away at college and the condition of her room in the sorority house would scare you LOL. Her room here is only slightly less messy.