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My Kickboxing Addiction

Hi my name is Kirstin and I am a kickboxing addict! Like for real, for real, I’m obsessed, I can’t stop talking about it, and I don’t even care! One of my fave things about fitness is there is always new stuff coming out to prevent boredom, which is a common reason why people don’t workout or stop once they start. One thing I wanted to add more of to my life in 2016 was cardio. I use to run…

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Spin Update!

Me and cardio have a love/hate relationship and have for years. As you guys know, I love fitness and have for years but have never gotten on the cardio train. I would do it because I felt like I HAD to and afterwards I was always glad I did it, but before and during I was miserable, counting down the minutes, anyone else? At that time the only cardio I had really been exposed to was running outside, the elliptical,…

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Balanced Bod

Ok, let’s talk exercise schedule/routine! Previously, I have shared with you about my journey with exercise and how I was able to come off my anxiety meds because of it (here). So, obviously I am for it and have pretty much made my whole entire life all about it (whoot whoot The Balance Culture Studio)! I think to stick with anything you have to keep it interesting and continue to spice it up (this kinda sounds like a marriage pep talk,…

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