I Have Joined A Purple Shampoo Cult & I’m Not Upset About It

Purple Shampoo - The Balance Culture - Kirstin Czernek - Beaut

You guyssssss, if you have talked to me in the past three months you know that “purple shampoo” has somehow made its way into our conversation- ugh I’m not even mad. This is a little gem I came across a few months ago and I am OBSESSED! My hair girl Lindsay Lane over at Esquire has been telling me about it for years but I was never ready to make the commitment. I thought it was expensive and wouldn’t make that much of a difference. Plus I am so committed to Clear Shampoo & Conditioner I didn’t want to cheat. When my assistant Julia started working with me she dropped the PS bomb and I loved the color of her hair so I was intrigued and started to flirt with the idea 😉 .

When I went to get my highlights touched up Lindsay brought it up again so I took the plunge. I bought this one from the salon and it was only $10!!! The bottle is a normal size and I usually buy in bulk so I was apprehensive about it because of my horsehair but a little goes along way here so it didn’t matter much.

Me and Purple Sham have had to take some time getting to know each other. There are times where I have left it on too long (40 minutes, whoops, I was really into my bath) and ended up with lavender hair (didn’t look bad just different) and times where I only left it on a second and it didn’t do anything. For my hair a good amount to leave it on is like 3 minutes, basically the duration of shaving one leg and maybe an armpit– score (high-five for multitasking in the shower).

Golden hair is on the way out and white, bright is definitely on the way in. The purple shampoo helps to keep your hair that bright blonde that literally every blonde is going for! It is toner mixed in with shampoo so it’s basically dying your hair a little every time you use it but in a controlled way. It helps keep it looking fresh and new until you see you hair girl/guy again. #thedream

If you have dark hair you don’t understand what I am talking about and think I am stupid and you might be confused as to why this gets a whole post, if you are a blonde you get it- enough said. The brand I use now and love is this one  you can buy it on Amazon or at Ulta. I don’t know why I like it more then others, I just do.

If you have a purple shampoo brand you love please share!!!! Also if you are up north I hope your hair will be as white as snow this Christmas! #jealous




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