Week One.

Oh My Gahhhhhhh!!!! This week has been so unreal. Like so unreal I spent 95% of the time not believing what was taking place. Interesting fact about myself, when big life things are happening, my mind can’t comprehend it and then all of a sudden it will hit me, bam and I am a mess (in a good way)!

Flash back to my wedding over six years ago, same thing. We had the most beautiful wedding and Tomas is totally my prince charming (and totally looked like it with his long hair) so that’s that. It was a lot of fun, but felt like a weird dream, like “is this real life?” Weddings are weird anyway because in a split moment of walking down the isle you go from not married to married, just like that! Is that weird to anyone else?!?! Well, I was in my dream state that whole day, night 😉 , and then the next morning we woke up at a hotel, got ready and headed towards the cruise terminal. Being the gentleman that Tomas is he dropped me off at the cruise gate with the luggage while he went to park the car. I sat there on our luggage and chilled (this was the first couple of moments I had to myself for the first time in a couple of weeks) seconds later I started bawling, like in front of all these random people, in a line, to get on the ship. I became so overwhelmed with joy and happiness by everything that had taken place that I couldn’t contain it and literally wept. Tomas walked up and looked so puzzled, I just continued bawling and trying to get the words out to him about how happy I was and how I couldn’t stop crying. Needless to say he got a snapshot of what he was getting himself into in that moment 😉 .


Well flash-forward here we are again, pretty big monumental moments and it felt like a dream. Everyone kept asking why and how I was so chill and I kept telling them “just wait, it will hit me, it just takes me a little while”.  I guess we could call me “emotionally delayed”, is that a thing?! I was totally thrilled to see the turnout and the amount of excitement but it just wouldn’t fully sink in. Wednesday night I got home after several long days in a row, climbed into bed, put on some music while I waited for Tomas to get home and just started bawling. It hit me without warning. Everything from the grand opening party, amazing instructors, wonderful interns, how everything came together in the studio, the community, day one of over 200 women walking through our doors, full classes, people buying into the vision and mission, you name it, I was crying. I’m going to get kinda lame and poetic, but it kinda felt like everything was sinking into every crevasse of my heart. So since that moment, it is all very real and very, very exciting! I already see our community developing, relationships being created, and women feeling stronger!


To all those on the fence about pursuing their dreams, just do it. All the nerves, apprehensions, fears, and uncertainties, are totally worth it to be on this side of it all. I knew I would love opening up the studio but honestly it’s even a million times better then I imagined, like I never want to leave!


It has been so fun going through this journey with you guys and all the support and love that has come along with it! I am so excited by all that is happening and can’t wait to continue to share as more things come along and God continues to open doors. This is just the beginning, right?




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