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Maaakkkeeeuupppp!!! Holla holla! Everyone loves a good lil’ makeup blog!! I wore the same type of makeup in the same way for yearsssss and never thought twice about it… until about a year ago when I got super annoyed with my makeup and my look, and I decided to really switch it up. Just like that I was over my “look” and wanted something new ASAP! I watched a few tutorials, read some reviews, and headed to Ulta with the hubs’ card (love you boo 😉 ) and overnight I had new makeup and a new look. It wasn’t THAT big of a change… I just subbed out some blush for highlighter, chilled out on the bronzer, and did some contouring. But I kid you not, since then I have had so many people ask me to do their makeup and ask me what products I use. This is freakin’ hilarious to me because makeup is so not my thing, but I guess not looking like an orange clown is my new thing, and people have taken notice 😉

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I’m not kidding, I use to bronzer the s*** out of my face. Gaaahhh, especially as a teenager. At one point I remember being a huge fan of sunless tanner, you know like the $6.99 L’Oreal kind that specifically says “Do NOT apply this to your face.” Turns out, I am a rule breaker, so I rubbed that crap all over my face. This gave me a nice orange glow, and with that I was ready to take over the world! Since I applied the tanner so much, my skin was super dark and my face could never seem to catch up, hence all the bronzer. I now know you should only apply bronzer on parts of your face, but at the time I got my biggest brush out, dipped it into that reddish/ brownish powder, and attacked my face (and neck… you need to blend right?). Ugh, what a mess. Anyway, I’m so glad I don’t give the illusion of an Oompa Loompa construction worker anymore, I think…

I think I have overcorrected here because now I have no desire to look “tan”. I am half Italian so I am always going to have some type of tan, but not much (at least compared to my family… I am the palest in the bunch). I actually like my normal skin color now and don’t have the time to lay out, so it’s kind of a win-win if you ask me!

Since then, I have come pretty far and wanted to share some of those tips and products with you guys. I contemplated doing a video tutorial and still might (let me know if you want this), but in the mean time I will try to do my best with pictures and links! I don’t use a ton of products because I do believe in keeping it simple… a 10 minute makeup routine is best for me and my lifestyle. I also don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on makeup each month, so I try to keep the costs low but also try to keep most of my products as “clean” as possible with the exceptions of a few, like my mascara. I have yet to find a mascara that doesn’t have harsh chemicals and doesn’t give me fuzzy spider lashes (ew right?) or make me look like I don’t have any on, so I’m not willing to pay $20 for literally nothing (um no thanks!). If you have one and swear by it, throw it my way.

Like I have mentioned in past posts about my products, they might not be the CLEANEST out there, but they get the job done, are affordable, and work! Like with everything (I think you guys are starting to see a pattern) I try to keep it as balanced as possible with makeup, too, and this is my balance!

Ok so lets get started!

Moisturizer folks! I posted about my skin routine a couple of months ago here  and this  is the moisturizer I use after I wash my face a right before I apply my makeup!

Ok now the makeup process… (click on the pink lettered products to find where to purchase 😉 )

Primer // I LOVE this Elf Primer. I buy it at Target, but you can purchase it on Amazon! What I love even more about it is its price ($6… hell yes!). It works just as good as Bare Minerals and Smashbox, I kid you not! Primer is awesome because it makes your skin SUPER soft and almost like a blank canvas! Also, I HAVE to use primer before my foundation or it won’t spread evenly! Rub all over your face with clean fingers.

2015-10-22 07.15.51

Foundation // I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation!! I am seriously obsessed!! I have used it for about a year and can’t ever see myself using anything else! It is clean (check), great coverage, but not too much (check, check), and has many different types to go with the look you are going for (check, check, check!!). I love the dewy finish one! This is one big thing I switched over the year! I use to go for a more matted look which honestly looked kinda crusty a dry. Now I like dewy, dewy, dewy! Like a freakin’ spring morning on my face! Shine and glow are totes the way I roll these days! Also for a color reference I am “sienna sun”. I apply it with this sponge! * A little goes a VERY long way here!

2015-10-22 07.39.19

Bronzer // Okay, I joked about this earlier, and it can look horrible when done wrong, but this is one of those things where a little goes a long way. I love Bare Minerals products (maybe not their powder foundation because it doesn’t stay on all day on my skin but for bronzing and highlighting… I hit this stuff up hard!). I really like their Faux Tan bronzer. I don’t like how Warmth has a reddish tint (maybe is scares me from my previous bronzing experience, but I avoid it like the plaque). I suck in my cheeks and put this in my cheek crevice and stop about an inch before my mouth. I also put a little on the right and left side of my forehead. I use this  brush that came with one of my Bare Minerals kits and I really like it!

Highlighter // Highlighter has been one of the greatest additions to my life, and I am literally obsessed!!! I use this Bare Minerals one! You can do so much to your face with highlighter! I don’t use blush and think it is kind of phasing out (my opinion) replace that ‘ish’ with highlighter and it will change your life! I put the Bare Minerals highlighter on my cheekbones, nose (right down the middle), and a little right in the middle of my forehead. You can go crazy and put this everywhere, but these are my MUST spots and time is always an issue so this helps get the job done fast! I use this brush that came with some Christmas Bare Minerals kit (thats why mine is a different color)!

Veil // Veil is boss. Say that with me, “Veil is boss!!” The Bare Minerals Mineral Veil is the perfect finish to your face! It seals everything in, minimizes pores, and helps your makeup to stay on longer! I use this brush and apply the veil alllll ova the place (which blends the highlighter and bronzer)!

Eye Shadow // I am not a big eye shadow person. Not sure why, it just hasn’t ever been my thing. I own the Naked2 pallet and use it for events and stuff like that, but most of the time I don’t even wear shadow, or I just use this Bare Minerals shadow which is a darker nude color, which basically looks like an eye lid… don’t ask me why I use it. I bought it at a Bare Minerals Outlet store and couldn’t find it sold independently online so the link is to the kit.

2015-10-22 07.18.07

Mascara // I am so excited to share with you guys about my mascara! I get compliments on my lashes all the time and it has everything to do with this eyelash primer! I have somewhat short, blonde lashes and the primer makes them BAM! Then I use this mascara! They are usually sold together and sometimes in a set! It makes my lashes look long and thick instead of clumpy and gross!

2015-10-22 07.35.38-1

Brows // I shared with you guys about my brow game here. Check that post out for details. Readers Digest version: I use this brow filler brush that is life. It perfects my brows and gets the job done wonderfully and super fast! Like 10 seconds fast! I also use this  highlighter under my brow to make them pop! I originally bought that highlighter for my face but it made me break out on my cheeks (my face is SUPER sensitive), so under the brows it is!

2015-10-22 07.20.33

Lips // I am not a huge lip color person but it is fun! I ALWAYS have this chapstick on me and it looks glossy so I get compliments on it all the time. I have been straight up addicted to this stuff for yearssss. For color, I really like this one from the drugstore. My assistant, Julia, got me hooked on it, and I really can’t find a color I like more! Thanks, Jules 😉 !!!

2015-10-22 07.29.27

All right folks that’s a makeup wrap! If you have more questions, send them my way! I LOVE learning about new products, so do tell! Also if you have been using the brow stuff, let me know what you think!!!

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